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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

Bluetooth-enabled mobile apps are offering new solutions to track coronavirus and paint a clear picture of this pandemic. Data is the key to fight Covid, however, the success of these applications is largely dependent on the number of downloads- an old problem for the success of any app! The number suggested by researches at Covid Watch is 60% the percentage of population that should have these apps for an impact. More than 15 countries have already stepped into the app stores with official contact tracing apps. Yet the percentage of population that has downloaded these apps is a struggling number of 8% to 13%. The need for worldwide adoption is necessary.

Proximity measures offered by Contact-tracing apps broaden the reach for individuals to detect and track the virus spread. Instant notifications, location wise data of active cases as well as GPS tracking of movement of quarantine cases keep people updated. The question arises how and is my data safe? These BLE powered apps perform digital handshake when any two users come in close contact keeping your data & ID anonymous. Even if few days later, one of the people you had contact with is diagnosed, you will receive a notification. This does require active participation from app users to enter and update data- another metric for the success.

Technology and software development is and will continue to be the tools for individuals and globally to measure the adversity of this disease in all areas. Apps are in demand to automate easy sharing of data for patients, users, healthcare providers & medical professionals across forums.

smartData Enterprises is matching the current multidisciplinary healthcare needs of the society with its expertise in HealthTech. 150+ healthcare business analysts and software engineers are up to date with recent IoT protocols and global needs. Here’s a glimpse at our development work so far to fight Covid-19.

Contact Tracing & Social Distancing App: Bilingual apps that manages community spread of virus ensuring safety of people in close proximities. Important features include scanning/ tracing of virus-positive cases

scheduled visits and quick cross-communication. It encourages social distancing to reduce crowding at parks, grocery stores, pharmacies and doctor’s clinics by 50% during the current pandemic.

Health Risk Assessment Applications: Identifying and providing solutions for major problem and risks via these HRA apps allow user and care mangers to stay safe. Important features are care gap detection and tracking, health checks, goal setting and self-care plans.

On-demand Apps: Operating with contact-free delivery options these on-demands applications have all the necessary features to cater to your demands for medicine, fitness, grocery or meals. Few main features are bookings/orders, tracking of deliveries/services, loyalty programs and VOD with live streaming.

Remote Monitoring: Powered with wearable and medical devices, these remote monitoring apps allow detection of body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate for detection of Covid symptoms and remote care of isolated patients.

We understand that your business needs an online front meeting all compliance and standards, HIPAA being foremost. Consult us for any of your development needs at

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