Digital doctor-patient collaborations employs shift in patient-experiences for products and services through smart algorithms to continuously analyse patient data, generate targeted notifications and bringing the virtual nurses to the patients.


Healthcare ERP

The software provides cloud-based electronic health record and practice management solutions for medical practices. It allows the physician to be free from the administrative work related to patient and thus help them to focus on important aspects of patient care. 

It provides EHR software and practice management solutions, integrated EHR billing, lab-practice connectivity, digital pen services, professionally marketing websites for practices. We have developed:

  • Lab connection
  • Hospital portal
  • Marketing sites
  • Digital pen
  • EHR
  • Practice management

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EHR and Practice Management for Behavioral Healthcare

The solution serves the behavioral healthcare software market. It provides software solutions for providers who are responsible for services and supports for beneficiaries with severe mental illness, severe emotional disturbance, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders. This health care application is a comprehensive health record solution that ensures registering a new client, scheduling service compliance from assessment to treatment planning [...]

  • Patient intake- medical history, allergies, medications, vitals, social history, past illness
  • Eligibility check
  • Appointment booking and scheduling
  • Charge generation
  • Claim processing
  • Payroll management

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Acute Care Telehealth EHR

To promote better health for seniors by providing long-term and post-acute care facilities, an innovative electronic medical record software, thereby improving quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of care. It collects information about patient demographics, presenting complaints, assessments, referrals, and assists in monitoring trends in patient conditions. It also monitors patient compliance and provides access to primary care and care coordination among [...]

  • Provide medical services and care to residents at long term post-acute care facilities on a single platform using EHR and telehealth.
  • Clinical documentation. 
  • Task manager for clinician/nurse/ADL/caregivers. 
  • Resident management.
  • Residents care summary.
  • Electronic medicati

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AI powered HIE platform

This solution is SaaS cloud-based electronic health records and information exchange platform that connects health care providers (hospitals, laboratories, and physician practices), payers (insurance companies) and patients to deliver optimum care. Solution Integrated with Healthcare AI chatbot for patients where they getting pre-diagnose, scheduling the appointment virtually with the physician of nearest located practitioner and also integrates with the existing [...]

  • Solution followed HIPAA compliance checklist, it can be integrated with any EHR to facilitate communication between doctors and patients worldwide.
  • The application provides features that allow app users to connect and communicate with doctors based on their medical conditions or needs.
  • An easy way to seek expert advice and s

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How to Create an Engaging and Effective Telehealth Platform

Are you aware of the term telemedicine and its advanced features? Well, most of us never tried to know about this new concept in the healthcare sector. So, let's acquire complete knowledge about the telehealth platform and must-have features that evolve the way of living. Digital innovations are extraordinarily giving new shape to the healthcare industry. There have been a...

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