I have worked with smartData for nearly 7 years to build and deliver a financial software application to governmental entities. We accomplished a large number of project, where each project involved a high level of customization to adjust the software to meet the financial methodology of that client, mostly involving complex personnel costing scenarios. I found smartData to be very well equipped to not only build in dynamic flexibility to meet a variety of client needs but also customize complicated algorithms to automate personnel costing for each individual client. This included enforcing various mandated Accounting standards, designing the system to handle workflow approval stages, offering upper and lower level tools to make data manipulation easy for clients, and creating a user friendly GUI to simplify otherwise very cumbersome administrative tasks.

The team always followed instructions well and recommended improvements to instructions when needed. They worked overtime when required to meet tight client deadlines. smartData management also allowed me to adjust staffing levels as needed to handle variation in workload. If there was ever a particular task a developer had trouble with, they had an entire team with a wealth of experience to provide assistance. Although there were some adjustments needed on my part to set processes in place so that I could properly work with the team in an organized fashion, I never felt like there as a task they could not accomplish. I would recommend them for anything from simple web page design to highly complicated database driven web application.

Doug Fletcher

Project Manager , Questica .- New York City ( NY, US)


Outsourcing web development has been made easier through our relationship with smartData. What was once a world of unknowns and limited resources was transformed into structured workflows and versatile resources. Inconsistent team performance and QA management with other companies ended when we began partnering with smartData. Quick turnaround on needs and change requests while maintaining project deadlines has proven to be invaluable in our business. smartData has been up to the task from day one. I highly recommend them to take our offshore development needs to the next level.

Erik Swierk

G.M , NewspaperARCHIVE .- Cedar Rapids ( CA, US)


We have completed several projects with smartData over the past twelve months, with a team of smartData developers. These projects included mobile applications, tablet applications, and the development of our flagship product Glance – Applied Data Visualization, in C# .NET. This large, complex product was completed on time, and on budget, and is undergoing further development. We plan to use SmartData as part of our development strategy for the future. The personnel that smartData has used on our projects have been very talented, capable, communicative and responsive, and we have nothing but the highest regard for all for all the people at smartData that we have had the pleasure of dealing with.

Bryan & Iain

President , Applied Information Inc. .- Atlanta ( GA, US)


I gave smartData a project about 6 years ago and they did such a great job I’ve continued using them helping me automate my businesses job flows, both frontends and backends that manages entire operations along with customer interfaces. I did spend a lot of time and money shortlist smartData, to the point I even went to India and visited there sites and also flew the owner to Australia before I gave them my first project. With the advance of communication tools and project management software (Skype etc.) it isn’t even a problem being on different continent in fact I think sometimes I have better communication with ‘smartData than some of my own staff sitting in the next room from me.

Jason Ince

M.D , Adpost PTY LTD .- Sydney ( NSW, AU)


I have been a customer of smartData since March 2012. smartData has built a custom .net program for my business. I have worked with the same engineers since 2012. Over the last three years, I have worked with about 10 of your programmers. They are all highly skilled and very dedicated. Often they would stay an extra 4-5 hours a day in order to complete the job, as well as work on Saturdays if necessary. In addition, your implementation of tools such as Odesk and Basecamp allow me to easily communicate with my developers. The daily emails and weekly progress reports allow me to easily track the progress of my project. As my business has grown, I have utilized your app development and website development programmers to increase my products. Working with smartData allows me to have a robust IT department that can easily be increased. I look forward to continue working with you and your team.

Adam Korngold

Owner , Washify LLC .- Boston ( MA, US)


There is a saying in business that says: ‘hire for attitude and train for skill’, but in smartData’s case you get both for the price of one. In distress due to a number of bad experiences with software developers on 2 other continents we approached smartData with a very complex and challenging solution. They stood up to the challenge and continue to deliver the quality product they promised from day 1. To extend our contract with them was an easy decision and we are looking forward to build on the successes we’ve become used to and today accept as the norm. We were referred to smartData by a friend and want to extend this ‘change in fortune’ referral to anybody out there in need of a professional, highly competent and trustworthy company looking after ALL your business’ software needs. You will get a smartData team with members with ‘can do’ attitudes and if you are willing to do your part, you will have a success story, guaranteed!

Riel du Toit

Owner , Metasport (Pty) Limited .- Dubai


Doing business with your smartData has been a true pleasure for us. We have been impressed with the quality and professional approach their company has offered us over the last 4 years. smartData was able to quickly identify our company’s needs and swiftly develop our systems. We are extremely satisfied with the product, their service. The commitment of their Staff and their professionalism has been a leading factor in our success and relationship. Keep up the good work smartData.

Phil Bamford

Director , Online Compliance Systems .- Sydney ( NSW, AUS)


Mukesh at smartData has been great to work with. The developers are fantastic and can get anything done. After becoming a customer for their web development, I have also begun to use their SEO team. I would highly recommend using this company. And after originally using a development company in New York, their prices are amazing!

Andrew Jacobs

Chief Operating Officer , Jampaper .- Northvale ( NJ, US)

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