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The largest segment of Online Food Delivery market is restaurant-to-consumer delivery. Customers are getting accustomed to order online from local restaurants or food store chains. The new user buying behaviour is characterized by personalised experience, door to door delivery options, and ease of making a purchase. smartFood is an on-demand food delivery application that can be white labeled to manage services for your single/multi restaurants or launched as a food marketplace just like Uber, GrubHub, DoorDash.

Built with latest technologies it captures business analytics for you to make informed decisions.


Our Features & Services

Restaurant panel: it allows restaurants, chefs and food & beverage outlets to receive updates on incoming orders & order status, menu management, payment management, delivery management, and more.

Admin panel: manage customers, restaurants, and drivers through an intuitive dashboard. Know insights on customer behaviour and create targeted campaigns.

Mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms

  • Customer app: restaurant search & filters, food order, online payments, real time order tracking and more
  • Delivery personal app: order alerts and fulfilment status, GPS navigation for pick-up and delivery, profile visibility and more.

Other features include referral system, loyalty programs, staff management and integration with 3rd party platforms for marketing, delivery management etc.

With ready to use solutions to manage sales, revenue and partners, smartFood mobilizes your business. Our market experience and technology skills can serve your other requirements for:

Real time updates & order tracking in customer app for order updates with push notifications.
Customized promo codes for discounts.
Navigated directions on maps for drivers for delivery routes information.
food ordering system
Customizable combo offers and deal meals for special events and holiday offers.
Complete view of order history and pick up orders from history to save on time.
Variety of payment options integrated in the app (credit card, e-wallets, debit cards, internet banking)

Offer your customers the choice and convenience they are looking for

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