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We deal with a new information technology generation that involves big data, internet of things (loT), cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to transform the conventional medical practices in an all-round way, making healthcare more efficient, more personalized, and more convenient. Smart healthcare services like smartHealth and smartTelehealth are utilizing the technology that leads to better diagnosis, well-organized treatment plans, and devices that improve life quality, which can be adapted and are cost-effective.

At smartData, we understand that to keep pace with the technological advancements, the essence of reusability and scalability is manifold. On similar lines and using the latest technologies, we have built components of clinical care solutions that help health organizations and providers to manage their practice requirements efficiently. Our smartHealth solution is a SaaS-based platform for organizations with multi-locations that includes the following major features:

  • Appointment scheduling and booking
  • EHR/EMR integration
  • Billing & claim processing
  • Service codes & SOAP notes
  • Messaging
  • Payroll management
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smartHealth- components of clinical care solutions | Telemedicine-EHR