Tableau is a trending and market-leading BI tool used to visualize and easy-to-understand visualizations. This also allows to work on live data-set and spend more time on data analysis rather than data wrangling. We easily connects to nearly any data source, be it corporate Data Warehouse, Microsoft Excel or web-based data and allows for instantaneous insight by transforming data into visually appealing, interactive visualizations called dashboards. This process involves just few seconds or minutes rather than months or years and is achieved using an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

Our customized business intelligence solutions integrates multiple data sources by deploying immersive, interactive dashboards. Discover powerful enterprise-class insights that drive business results with our BI solutions. Our Power BI solutions transform data into rich visuals that enable enterprises to make critical decisions confidently.

We integrate the latest BI technologies to help your business seamlessly uncover the most powerful insights in real time. Acquiring the insights from your enterprise data, we design interactive visualization solutions and intelligent dashboards for taking decisions that boost your return on investment.

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Business Automation – Advantages

Yet this isn’t just about replacing your stacks of files with PDFs—automation aims to make the entire process more streamlined, cost-efficient, accessible and error-proof. Automation is the administrator that knows what every division needs, produces every document as it’s needed and never takes a vacation. Automating business process and doing away with non-value-adding human interventions help a lot in efficientbusiness...


Gathering and Providing Information with Business Intelligence

We take business intelligence (BI) in form of: Trends in the IT market, relevant to what we are doing through various social media (Twitter/LinkedIn etc), business and tech news (Business Insights/ TechCrunch, etc) Webinars Internal sessions/ discussions at smartData. Trends/ takeaways from Job channels (Upwork/ business inquiry/ client referrals). VP data trends. Discussions w clients and prospects. Internal company BDG...


Business Intelligence in DXP

BI (Business Intelligence)- Right data at the right time to the Right People to take the Right Decisions Business Intelligence is all about 3 main functions; Access data, Transform data and Present data in smart ways. Business Intelligence (BI) includes the strategies, processes, applications, data, products, technologies, and technical architectures used to support the collection, analysis, presentation, and dissemination of...

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