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smartData has a complete approach to all risks for business continuity making plans and disaster control, consisting of a response plan for the covid-19 pandemic. We are maintaining strong and healthy relations with our customers by providing 24*7 technical support. Rapidly enabling work from home with increased security controls through the VPN server ensured business continuity for all of our customers in this pandemic situation. To ensure our dedication towards 3C’S, we are continuously connecting with our customers through video conferencing and other virtual live interaction tools to meet up their business requirements. Some of the interactions which need to be mention are:

smartData Mohali, April 2021

    Organic and sustainable farming

    Our Go-Green initiatives are efforts to combat pollution and towards maintaining the ecological balance. Inspiring people to plant trees, develop’s a culture of care towards the environment, and make them realize their inevitable dependence on nature. With this thought; Organic farming initiative has been taken to grow vegetables and fruits at our new facility KT tower Mohali.


    smartData Dehradun, March 2021

      Sponsoring School Benches to NGO

      With the thought of enhancing the quality of life of kids of humble backgrounds, our support to Building Dreams Foundation NGO in Dehradun is a step towards creating a strong business with the initiative of making a better world and changing their lives with a positive return to resume their lives as independent and productive beings.

      smartData Org-Wide, March 2021

        Nasscom panel discussions attended by senior management

        “For the future to a new normal,” was NASSCOM’s Technology and Leadership discussion panels agenda. The aim of the event is threefold: to celebrate the technologies used to raise companies during the pandemic and to set down a blueprint for the construction of a better future, and to highlight the importance of responsible technology in the virtual world.

        smartData Org-Wide, March 2021

          Interactive Session with Ms Narender Kaur

          Some life stories really inspire us in one and another way. smarTians got an opportunity to listen to an inspiring life story of Govt school principal Ms.Narender kaur in association with NGO Prasanchetas. The purpose of the interactive session to boost the morale of smarTians to endure the tough nd difficult times of life.

          smartData Org-Wide, March-2021

            Session on Positive Body language and Gestures

            More than half of all human communication takes place nonverbally. A Soft Skill session – “Positive Body Language and Gestures” given by director Prasanchetas Foundation. The purpose of this interactive session was to develop smarTians Personality & Self-representation to enhance their work etiquette.

            smartData Mohali, March 2021

              Online Business Development Meeting

              The online business meet with our esteemed client to exchange ideas on roadmap of further development of the project.Deep knowledge exchange and a detailed analysis of project requirement call for the enhancement in the existing application was discussed to expand client business. Such interactions are valuable in terms of learning & coordination.

              smartData Org-Wide, March 2021

                Tuffman (March 2021)

                Our CEO, Mr. Ajay Tewari and fellow smarTians participated in another Tuffman event to challenge themselves and discover their passion for running. Proving themselves and being an inspiration for our next generation, Mr. Ajay completed 135 km in a duration of 24 hrs while other smarTians tough on track and with high on josh have competed in 3 hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs solo, and 6 hrs relay races.

                smartData Org-Wide, March 2021

                  Healthcare session on Obstetrics/Gynecology EHR

                  Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge drives personal and professional growth in a consistent way. Being a business solution to US healthcare, it is very important to understand the market needs and trends. Deep dive session on addressing the complexities of women’s reproductive health care ranging from preventative care to pregnancies, and from acute to chronic conditions.

                  smartData Nagpur, March 2021

                    Fitness Walkathon

                    Being fit is having harmony with physical and mental well-being. It is very crucial to stay fit and keep your immune system strong to tackle the current uncertain health crisis. With a motive of fitness, healthy living & creating awareness among the youth, smarTians at Nagpur completed a 10 km walkathon from Fuji tower.

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