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smartData has a complete approach to all risks for business continuity making plans and disaster control, consisting of a response plan for the covid-19 pandemic. We are maintaining strong and healthy relations with our customers by providing 24*7 technical support. Rapidly enabling work from home with increased security controls through the VPN server ensured business continuity for all of our customers in this pandemic situation. To ensure our dedication towards 3C’S, we are continuously connecting with our customers through video conferencing and other virtual live interaction tools to meet up their business requirements. Some of the interactions which need to be mention are:

smartData org wide , October 2021

    Shachukul Monastery – Pangong, Leh Ladakh

    The most precious gift a person can give a person to another is compassion. It is never too late to begin such good noble causes to serve humanity. Our smartCFG initiatives are a step forward to make a difference in society. CSR in Ladakh facilitating the education of kids in the monastery.

    smartData Mohali, October 2021

      Morni Hills Marathon

      Organizations that promote a workplace fitness culture are more likely to have healthy and happy employees. Our smartCFG initiatives have inspired many smarTians to challenge their limits to maintain fitness. Our CEO, Mr. Ajay Tewari, and fellow smarTians participated in the Morni Hills 42.2Km marathon event to challenge themselves.

      smartData Mohali, September 2021

        Team Lunch

        It is no secret that communication in the workplace has a direct impact on performance and turnover. Effective and communal team lunches are part of the engagement that benefits all at multiple levels. Our HR team enjoyed a lunch party with their senior member on his headquarter Mohali visit.

        smartData Mohali, September 2021

          Client Visit

          It is sheer pleasure to welcome our clients at smartData. One of our platform clients has visited the headquarters office to discuss changes and the future roadmap of the application as per the feedback from live users. The app already has 17k downloads in few days of launch.

          smartData org wide , September 2021

            Training Sessions on DXP

            Understanding the ever-evolving customers can be challenging if we continue to live in present. To get better at anticipating the future needs of #customers to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Series of training sessions on DXP conducting by our professionals.

            smartData Mohali, September 2021

              Branch Visit

              Our inter-branch collaboration between Nagpur, Dehradun, and Mohali branches subsists knowledge-sharing culture and interactivity. Such collaboration at both large and small scale has helped us to develop a sense of transparency in workflow, implementing new methodology & smoother communication leading to fine-tuned project deliveries.

              smartData Dehradun, September 2021

                Chamasari Trek in Dehradun

                Trekking and exploring bring in a new spark in one’s life. It teaches one to slow down, breathe and take in more of your surroundings, among other life lessons. Keeping in line with our smarTian spirit of learning through adventures, a 24 km trek to Chamasari was initiated by the Dehradun branch on CEO visit in which a total of 18 smarTians actively participated.

                smartData Dehradun, September 2021

                  Branch Visit

                  Inter organizational visits are a fantastic way of knowing what a functional day involves. Team meetings, client calls, observing deliveries closely, monitoring processes, effective workflow, understanding theoretical and practical implications while promulgating knowledge transfer are some of the important factors included.

                  smartData Mohali, September 2021

                    Session on IoMT(Internet of Medical Things) & mHealth

                    As care moves from the traditional setup to people’s homes with virtual care and 24/7 availability, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is becoming an intrinsic part of Healthcare service delivery. Training session on IoMT and mHealth conducting to upgrade smarTians to meet current industry needs.

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