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In the modern era Ecommerce has totally changed the perspective of online shopping. With the customization, enhanced return policies, or improved integration shopping has been made a lot easier for the consumers.

According to MarketWatch With more and more people are turning to online purchasing during the pandemic, the ecommerce penetration after COVID-19 will be increased from 15% to 25 % in the coming years. Due to the convenience, comfort and contactless payments feature fortune of ecommerce giant Amazon increasing nearly to $24 billion.

With the changing needs of the people, the ecommerce is becoming increasingly competitive. Keeping an eye on the changing ecommerce trends has been equally important for retailers. COVID-19 has remarkably changed the existing perception of online shopping.

Mobile Shopping

The digital purchase has been in demand for many years. More and more business owners have adopted the ecommerce option to proliferation the profitability of their business. As trust in online shopping is increasing, consumers are more inclined to shop through their mobiles. In a survey conducted by Statista by 2021, 73% of the ecommerce sales will be conducted on the mobile

Before buying a product, consumers prefer to browse or research for a product on their mobile. More and more websites are optimized for mobile view. By optimizing your website you will make your ecommerce business simpler to reach a vast audience. Thanks to technology advancement to simplify the whole process of the shopping online with mobile commerce and easy payments through online transaction processing

Artificial Intelligence

AI playing an integral role to enhance the overall shopping experience of customers. Almost every industry is taking advantage of AI to increase the personalization of the consumer experience.

According to BusinessWire outlay in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will hit $7.3 billion a year by 2022, up from $2 trillion in 2018. Retailers are using various AI tools like Chatbots to answer customer queries, discussing complaints, and providing assistance in making purchasing decisions.

Visual Commerce

Visual commerce is changing the way to market the products in ecommerce. It is significantly transforming the customer’s buying experience from only static product photos to engaging videos, and interactive content. As the physical touch is missing for online buyers, the combination of all these gives a powerful “out-of-the-box” depiction of a product or a brand. Visual commerce can mean that the proverbial fourth wall between shoppers and online retailers is on the verge of breaking up.

Augmented Reality

AR is another technological revolution to give more personal, interactive, and engaging buying experience to online purchasers. AR gives product visualization as a realistic digital object in the customer’s environment. The buyer can customize the colors, designs, patterns, and much more before buying the final product. Augmented Reality enriches the brand experience and improves customer engagement resulting in more conversion rates.

Voice Assistants

Technology advancement always drives and shift consumer behavior. Sellers need to adjust and upgrade to deliver a better customer experience. Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri are the hot techniques used by consumers nowadays for shopping online. VA gives recommendations for grocery shopping, ordering food, and much more based on your preferences.

Technological progress has had a huge impact on the world of e-commerce, making the way consumers connect to brands and enabling them to shop more economically. smartData Enterprises has an enormous experience to develop various customized solutions from supply chain management to Internet marketing, inventory management systems, and on demand services to empower your ecommerce business.

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