Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

We believe in diversity of opinions, ideas and people. smartData origins come from Silicon Valley, where the parent company was founded in 1996. The founder and management team had already been accomplished practitioners, and thereby brought their outstanding, diverse expertise to the forefront. The founding vision and strategy have resulted in the company’s expansion from five people start-up to a global organization, with offices in multiple global geographies with round the clock connectivity and workforce.

Our vision of “Scaling Expectations” has given growth opportunities to our esteemed customers, employees, processes, and everything we venture into. The organization’s success stems from its ability to provide consistent leadership. This has been partly attributed to by our founding team’s and investors’ shared vision, mission, and core values, which have served as leading beacons for our organization’s development.




Adapting to a global customer community with a culturally diverse workforce.

Our Values

We believe in taking the responsibility for our actions and learn from failures.
We believe in presenting the true facts to our customers and employees.
We believe in diversity of opinions, ideas and people.
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