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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

smartData origins come from Silicon Valley, where the parent company was founded in 1996. The founder and management team had already been accomplished practitioners, and thereby brought their outstanding, diverse expertise to the forefront. The founding vision and strategy have resulted in the company's expansion from a six-person start-up to a prosperous enterprise with offices in five 5 global geographies with round the clock connectivity and workforce. Our vision of "scaling expectations" has given growth opportunities to our esteemed customers, employees, processes, and everything we venture into. The organization's success stems from its ability to provide consistent leadership. This has been partly attributed to by our founding team's and investors' shared vision, mission, and core values, which have served as leading beacons for our organization's development.


Scaling Expectations


Adapting to a global customer community with a culturally diverse workforce


We believe in taking the responsibility for our actions and learn from failures.


We believe in presenting the true facts to our customers and employees.


We believe in diversity of opinions and people.


Ajay Tewari
Chief Executive Officer

Ajay Tewari, Chief Executive Officer, earned his B.Tech HND from Marine safety Agency UK and Bachelor of Nautical Sciences from Bombay University, India. As an alumnus of T.S.Rajendra, he has served international shipping companies for 11 years before he kick-started his entrepreneurial journey with smartData as it's co-founder in 1999.

He worked in the capacity of VP Operations and initially sales was his forte. He was given the charge of smartData in 2004 as its CEO and under his leadership the organization has grown from 50 employees to more than 850 employees today. He has played a key role in expanding smartData business, traveling frequently to US, UK, and Australia to meet global clients. He leads smartData business development efforts in both healthcare and platform practices. His proactive people management and inclusive leadership style make him a favorite amongst his team. Ajay is a very well read person and his command over his subjects is impeccable.

He has also served as the President of TIE Chandigarh Chapter for 2015-16 term and is one of the founding members of the group & regularly mentors budding entrepreneurs. He is an avid sports lover and follows all sports closely - cricket being his favorite. He is an active trekker and has successfully scaled Everest base camp twice, Kanchenjunga base camp, Rupin pass & recently Stock Kangri to name a few.

Gurdev Singh
Vice President Technology

Gurdev has been a member of the smartData Corporate Think-Tank since 2003 and has led several strategic initiatives to drive the definition and realization of the global technology strategy as well as define innovative forward-looking solutions. Working with smartData from last 15 years, he started his career as a Software engineer and has moved up the hierarchy taking different leadership positions and various roles within the organization with proven results.

He is currently leading a large RnD group in the position of Vice President Technology. He has a strong visionary skill, supported by technical depth and credibility which has helped create a positive change in how customers perceive smartData's innovation and the power of our services portfolio.

His numerous certifications define his passion for new technological areas. To name a few, he is University Certified MongoDB Developer, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and Stackoverflow contributor. As much as he keeps himself updated on latest technology trends, he is an ardent and keen sportsman.

Vinay Tewari
Vice President Finance

He has been with smartData Enterprises (India) Limited since 1999, and one of the founder member of the company. Currently Mr. Tewari holds the position of VP Finance. He closely works with Board to define the organizational structure and implement global operational strategies, increase revenues and actualize business value.

Archana Pandey
Vice President Operations

Archana, a core member of Think-Tank from past 19 years, working as VP-Operations. She has done her Bachelors in Science from Lucknow University and Post Graduate diploma in Computers from Delhi. Earlier she worked with smartData Mohali and then moved to Central India.

She played a major role to setup Nagpur branch, which is now a leading company in central India with 300+ IT professionals. She loves to travel all over the globe to understand the growing needs of IT, also to understand the culture similarities at different geo-locations. As an independent thinker, she evaluates business requirements easily while taking care of 3C (Commitment, Customer Centricity and Credibility).

Deepak Sharma
Vice President Operations

Deepak Sharma, VP Operations, has an extensive exposure in leading large scale teams & operations across geographies. Specialties: Service Operations, Leadership of large Teams and Projects, Relationship Management, Quality & Process Improvement and Training & Development.

He has more than 16 years of experience developing high-tech consumer and enterprise applications and is with smartData since 2004. He has played key role at smartData with expansion of Open source domain and Operational processes. He has travelled across US and Australia for strengthening the clientele. His personal and people management skills makes him his team's favourite. His core strengths are his eye to catch human potential i.e. leadership and ensuring strict quality control through processes. He is excellent with data science and analytical reporting.

Deepak earned his Gold medal in Masters in Computer Application from Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology. Apart from his work, he is a modern day sports fan i.e. his brain is always packed with situational information, Football and Cricket being his favourites. He loves to unwind by taking Road trips and has covered more than half the length of India by Road in his Car

Vivek Sharma
Vice President Operations

Vivek is having 19 years of escalating information technology experience with top-notch blend of innovation, technology, delivery and business experience. His uniquely in-depth understanding of technical complexities and readiness to take over any technical challenge has helped the organization to build a rigid MS technology group of sound developers at all facilities of smartData. He has been always realistic and extremely adept at scaling business operations. As a leader, he has a great virtue of team management skills and proven ability to build, motivate and lead many enterprise-class quality engineering teams.

He has been with smartData since 2004 and worked with various positions: Project Manager, Business Unit Head, Delivery Head and Director Operations.

Specialties: Lean and Agile Development, Microsoft Technologies, Service Operations, Leadership of large Teams and Projects, Growth strategy of Repeat Business. He has played a major role in stabilizing healthcare MS in Mohali branch and Microsoft array in Nagpur branch. Vivek has done Post Graduate Diploma in Computers from Kurukshetra University. He is also Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and certified Scrum Master. Apart from being a tech professional, he is also an avid trekker/sports lover.

Rakesh Pant
Vice President Operations

Rakesh Kumar Pant, Vice President Operations, is bachelor of science in physics and chemistry from university of Lucknow, has also earned his Master's in computer applications from technical university Uttar Pradesh. He joined smartData in year 2005 as a software engineer and since then have played various roles in organisation including team leader, system analyst, business unit head, director operations. He has also been instrumental in setting up the smartData branch at Dehradun, Uttarakahnd.

He has also worked extensively in all three locations of smartData in different capacity as and when needed. His main area of expertise is providing consultation and solutions on the technology by keeping the business strategies in focus. Other than work he likes to read about physics especially relativistic effects and quantum mechanics, his interest also expands to mythology of different cultures and by the way he loves to drive long distances if given a chance.

Vishal Sagar
Vice President Business Development

Vishal Sagar, Vice President Business Development has over 20 years of experience in international sales. Vishal holds an MBA from a prestigious North Indian business school. Has had stints with leading multinational FMCG companies like Pepsico and Unilever in various leadership roles across sales and marketing where he was responsible for accelerating growth, augment revenue and enhance market share in the region.

He started his tech career in smartData in 2005 and worked in various positions: Sales Executive, Business Development Manager, Senior Sales Coordinator and Director Business Development. Now at the forefront of the company's growth he leads the sales enablement and business development, has played a key role in building the organization's marketplace channel. His area of expertise is customer success and platform business practice. He was instrumental in setting up the smartData office in the San Francisco bay area US in 2011 and has traveled extensively in the US from West to East coast to forge long term winning client relationships.

He's a passionate hiker, nonfictional book reader and a plantsman.


Dr. Sanjai Tiwari
Founder & Chairman

Dr. Sanjai Tiwari started smartData Enterprises Inc. in 1996 and was instrumental in securing the early financing and first customer in Silicon Valley. He is an active Chairman guiding the management, finance, legal, corporate structure, and expansion strategy. He has worked and lived overseas in the US and Japan for more than 30 years and speaks 3 languages. He earned Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT Kanpur, Masters and Ph.D. from Stanford University. Chairman conducts Mixer and Mountain Climbing Invitation events during his frequent visits to India and loves watching cricket and playing golf.

Dr. Ashish Gupta
MD-Helion Venture Partners

Dr. Ashish Gupta is a co-founder of Helion and serves on several boards including Kirusa, Komli,, Pubmatic, and SMSGupshup. He has co-founded two successful companies - Tavant Technologies and Junglee (AMZN). He has also worked at Woodside Fund, Oracle Corporation, and IBM research. Some of his past investments include Daksh (IBM), InfoEdge (NAUKRI), MakeMyTrip (MMYT), MuSigma, Odesk, and Redbus (MIH). Ashish is a Kauffman Fellow, holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, and a Bachelor's degree from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur where he was awarded the President's Gold medal.

Mr. Mason Brutschy
MD-Helion Venture Partners

Mason has over 30 years of experience in the financial, administrative, and operational areas of a broad range of firms spanning technology, biotech, retail, and property management. He served as a CFO of Air Communications, a supplier of wireless Internet products and services. He has also held senior financial positions with Safeway Corporation, the Fairmont Hotel Group, and Sutter Hill Ventures, a Palo Alto VC firm. Mason began his career at KPMG Peat Marwick. He earned his BA and MBA from the UC Berkeley.


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Our Partnerships

Building a strong network through global partnerships Scaling for the future together elsewhere AB and smartData Enterprises.

We are delighted to announce that we have formed alliances with Elsewhere AB, a leading technology company in Nordic countries, providing solutions to complex business problems. Our partnership enables us to fill the skill gap in emerging markets of Europe and help in better coordination through cultural understanding and the right use of emerging technologies.

Authenticity, compassion and integrity are the common thread of values holding us together. Collectively we have experience of 45 years in the software business space and together we strive to widen our marketplace visibility and customer reach.

Mattias Jacobsson, CEO, Elsewhere AB: "The major problem has been in finding good skills, it has really held us back. We started working with smartData 2015 and we have since then found a great way to deliver software projects and to fill our gap in software engineers." Ajay Tewari, CEO , smartData Enterprises Ltd:"While working with clients in the European market we felt a strong need for a business representative who knew the industry and spoke the language. It was then in 2015, where we connected with Elsewhere AB and this client-provider relationship has now successfully transformed into a partnership. We have wonderful complementary skills and am sure this relationship will give three way dividends - first and foremost to our customers and then to Elsewhere AB and smartData - we are very excited to get this on the roll now."

About Elsewhere AB

Elsewhere started off (1999) by offering software that connected federations of sports with the athletes. By then the digitalisation was just in its infancy and ever since they have delivered applications for desktop, websites and mobile apps. Elsewhere is now a project management heavy company with great experience in concept development.

Since our partnership in September 2019, we have successfully executed enterprise level projects and have been able to deliver an impact in the markets through quality work.

Leadership Group

Our deep passion towards scaling mountains led to the renaming of our leadership group as Basecamp- the base where the strategic plans are put in place for the summit.'Basecamp', the core group, formerly known as 'Manthan,'' was established in 2005 as the next level of leadership within a group of professionals to lead the organisation under the direction of our CEO, who handpicked each member. Basecamp members are the face of our leadership, belonging to different streams and experiences. Their allegiance is with smartData's vision, which permeates the workplace and is manifested in the actions, beliefs, values, and goals of these leaders. They are active participants in defining the direction of the organization, both from strategic and operational perspectives.

Though meritocracy is what qualifies smarTians for this challenging community, it is their unwavering allegiance, possession, and desire to think beyond the box that gives them the edge. The continuation of membership is entirely based on the relevance of the membership and the achievement of the expected benchmarks. A small number of senior members from this group, as well as two rotational slots, make it to the advance basecamp, which meets with the board once or twice a year under the leadership of its chairman. As a thank you gesture from the management, 30 members of this community were flown to Mauritius in 2018 after achieving a set target.

The CEO launched the smartData Leadership Group (SLG) in 2018 as a way to continually cultivate new leadership and have the much-needed dynamism and competitiveness at the top level. SLG is now the sole prerequisite for advancement in the leadership chain, and it serves as a link between smarTians and Basecamp membership. The SLG members, also known as the next-level members, are our potential leaders, and they are classified across all branches and roles based on their inner skills and capabilities. To train them as smartData executives, these participants are introduced to all important organizational functions. They are constantly subjected to challenging and demanding conditions in order to prepare them for the journey ahead.Throughout the year, both leadership groups are sent out for corporate retreats, seminars, and trips for business talks, resulting in the year-end basecamp and SLG meetings, which have been held annually since 2005. These meetings encourage the leadership to reflect on the previous year and make preparations for the future.


Since the onset of our business journey, smartData has received many awards and accolades associated with our customer success and services along with smartData milestones.

2021 – 2022

  • Co-founder and CEO Mr. Ajay Tewari featured in CEO Insights magazine as top leader

2013 – 2020

  • Successfully cleared ISO 27001 certification.
  • CMMI Level 3 Certification.
  • Awarded One of the fastest growing companies by Silicon India Magazine.
  • Awarded Certificate of Good Status by the Secretary of State of California.
  • Commissioned [SEZ] as a first Green Building in Nagpur.
  • New land acquired in IT City Mohali.
  • Started 3rd development location in Dehradun in the foothills of Himalayas.

2008 – 2012

  • Winner of the Quality Innovator Award for Service at the QualTech Awards.
  • CMMI Level 3 Certification after KPMG audit.
  • Award of Excellence as Socially Active Unit in the state of Punjab.
  • Opened fully functional Australia sales office in Sydney.
  • Commissioned as operational HQ in Mohali, Punjab.
  • Award for Excellence for Highest Export in Software Development.

2001– 2007

  • Received Top rankings on global software marketplaces: Upwork (oDesk & Elance).
  • Selected by E&Y as one of the 15 growth companies across India.
  • First Software Company in Punjab to be funded by the local venture fund.
  • First software company in Punjab to get ISO certification.
  • 2006, added a new operation center in Nagpur, Central India.

1996 – 2000

  • 1996, started as a boutique consulting operations in the Silicon Valley, California.
  • Added Bank of America and Home Shopping Network as clients.
  • 2000, started engineering operations in Chandigarh, Northern India.
  • Opened US sales office in the Bay Area, California.
  • Certified Microsoft Gold Partner


Our Indian head-office is located in Mohali, and other branches in Nagpur and Dehradun. In keeping with our founder's vision of "Scaling Expectations," we've named our offices after re-knowned mountains: Shivalik, Kanchenjunga, Fuji, and Kamet Tower in Mohali, Nagpur, and Dehradun, respectively.

Shivalik Tower
Shivalik Tower
Kanchenjunga Tower
Kanchenjunga Tower
Fuji Tower
Fuji Tower
Kamet Tower
Kamet Tower

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