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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Giving back to society is a great way to get a sense of purpose and it’s unparalleled. With a clear purpose of offering opportunities to young athletes, smartData Enterprises takes yet another CSR initiative. The focus this time is Sports and on giving the athletes an experience where they can become competent, proficient, and enthusiastic.

Under the Youth Development program, smartData Enterprises has collaborated with Tuffman to sponsor unprivileged athletes who can do better for the country. This includes various training programs and professional coaching designed by Tuffman. 4 athletes have already benefited from the sponsorship offered by smartData Enterprises and are under training to appear for national competitions. Tuffman is India’s premier endurance sports platform bringing Running, Cycling and Swimming events to sports & fitness enthusiasts.

For the overall goodness of humanity, this initiative was taken for the wellbeing of society. smarTians will also get the opportunities to take part in Tuffman events and will come to know their inner strength. As today’s fast-moving life left with no or minimal time for the physical activity, smartData Enterprises giving ample opportunities to their employees to be physically fit and emotionally strong.

As a fitness enthusiast, our CEO always encourages and provide opportunities to smarTians to stay healthy and fit. Under the CFG (Community, Fitness and Green) initiatives, many events are conducting to give opportunities to smarTians to stay fit both physically and mentally. Fitness is always a priority for smartData Enterprises and events like SPL (smartData Premier League), SCL (smartData champions League) encourages employees to stay fit and show their passion for cricket.

For the mental wellbeing of smarTians, the Inner development program has been designed. These IDPs take smarTians beyond their usually active mind and they experience extraordinary tranquility and renewed vitality through guided meditation and yoga, they grow and perform more efficiently in their professional and personal life.

Like many IT professionals, today spending much of their workday sitting at a computer screen, neck, back and wrist, and arm fatigue are major contributors to workplace stress and fatigue. Indulging in Fitness gives a positive impact on the smarTians. It not only increases the overall productivity however keeps the employees away from many health complications, But These programs also aim to improve employees’ well-being by encouraging them to lose weight, stop smoking or make other positive lifestyle changes.Tuffman collaboration program can help employees with high-risk factors make the lifestyle changes to improve their quality of life and reduce their health care costs, while also helping employees with fewer risk factors stay healthy.

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