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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL
Ongoing training programs encourage creativity and forward-thinking. AI/ML sessions on the changing needs of the global customers and deep discussions on the current & upcoming demands of the global market were the main highlights of the training. These training programs are well designed and allow smarTians to polish their skills to meet ever-changing IT demands by mapping tech solutions to real-world problems.

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How Blockchain Improves Healthcare Industry

Technology has revolutionized different ways of security platforms that enable users to secure and save their data confidentially. Blockchain is a great innovation gaining popularity as industries need more secure means to protect information from unauthorized users. As blockchain transforms the overall structure of various fields, it also achieves great heights in the healthcare industry. It gives them a new...


Things to Know in the Era of Web 3.0: NFT

Today Web 3.0 is upscaling its popularity due to its latest advancements and term as a decentralized web with its greater security feature. Its high accessibility to the data helps the organization overcome problems and achieve the company's goals. It is the advanced version of 2.0, providing encryption methods for users to secure the communication platform. It evolved new ways...


AI in Retail- Changing the Retail Shopping Experience

The retail industry is being transformed by artificial intelligence (AI). AI is tremendously changing the retail shopping experience. Retailers can use AI to interact with their consumers and run more efficiently, from utilizing computer vision to customize promotions in real time to using machine learning for inventory management. Over 28% of retailers have already implemented Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning solutions, a...

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