The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being adopted by businesses globally to make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving marketplace. At smartData, our AI and ML consulting services deliver a personalized roadmap and implementation to automate your internal processes and develop cutting edge products.

World is moving fast towards AI/ML, Blockchain, Crypto et all, we at smartData are also maintaining the pace with the emerging technology by having in demand skillset availability, we are also helping our existing customers to leverage the power of new technologies to make informed decisions, decide for best technology choice for their product and consulting on product roadmap.

We discuss, discover and deliver the solutions

Role of ML in Human Resource Domain

Technology is changing the way we operate and function. AI/ML is playing a major role in bringing this change in every domain be it HealthCare, Marketing, Financial sectors. Its inception is somehow slow in Human Resource domain, but it is slowly taking over by understanding the power of AI/ML. It's not only helping people to do their jobs but also...


AI-ML Behind Result Driven Business Decisions

AI-ML is one of the top rated technology innovation which is developing at a quick pace and gives advanced scope to companies to bring the efficient change. To sustain or grow in market companies are utilizing some type of ML in their business which is going to increase by 2022 considering fact of smart utilization of data & its value....


Session: Basics of Python / Data Services / AI-ML

Machine Learning, a prominent topic in Artificial Intelligence domain, has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. This area offers an attractive opportunity, and best starting career for newbies. Our young joiners got this opportunity, to discuss on the basics of python, data services and AI/ML at a 5 day workshop.

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