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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL
“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality. “ – Yann LeCun Professor, New York University

AI has evolved stupendously in the last decade and revolutionizing businesses. Today we are interacting with AI tools without even realizing it. No doubt, that AI will reshape the future of learning, which is why organizations must adopt and implement AI in Training and development.

Business experts should be aware of rapidly developing technologies and trends in the market. Training and development professionals explore new and innovative strategies and methodologies to take advantage, especially when it comes to AI.

AI is going to have a huge impact on Training and development. It will change the training and development sector by establishing more optimized training methods and techniques. In order for AI to be utilized fully organizations need to control and make use of employee data which helps them to gain insight to develop personalized training programs on the basis of skills, interests that will increase the value and learning.

How AI can transform Training and Development

Traditional organizational training and development involve long presentations, study manuals, and videos that take hours to complete. These training materials take time and resources to create and tend to be not user-friendly.

Today Training and development professionals can implement AI which adopts a holistic approach that incorporates blended learning that combines traditional training methods with the latest digital technologies.

Personalized Learning

Each individual has a different style of learning and processing information. AI allows training programs to adapt to employee needs.


Employee achieves their learning goals faster due to micro-learning, breaking up sessions into smaller modules which are aligned to their learning objectives.

Automated Content

The specialized algorithm conducts an ongoing needs analysis and suggests content according to the employee’s need, which involves better engagement and adds value to the learning experience.

ROI to organization

Faster learning, better engagement leads to a better return on the organization’s learning investment.

AI has become the new normal in today’s life. Training and Development professionals have to be proactive in their approach while establishing the training needs and have to come up with the best training tools that will ensure what they need to learn and when they need to learn. By upskilling your employees, you’ll be able to keep up with the ever-changing trends and technologies. Training and Development professionals need to understand the latest AI trends and methodologies.

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