With the generation of voluminous data each second, there is a need to understand that by finding patterns, analyzing it and predicting future contingencies which will ultimately answers to questions. The market of data analytics has been projected to reach the value of USD 24.63 billion in 2021 globally with an estimate to grow at 25% during the forecasted period till 2030.

The data analytics scope is divided in 4 trends ranging the value and complexity, i.e. descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics. In simple terms, descriptive analytics describes the problem/situation, diagnostic analytics diagnoses the causes to a problem, predictive analytics predicts the future and prescriptive analytics prescribes what steps we can take to make the situation better.

We at smartData have developed solutions, by taking advantage of this across multiple domains in healthtech, proptech, edtech, fintech, etc. Here we visualized BigData from multiple sources from in-memory data as well as live connection data sources, used various tools for reporting like SSRS, Power BI, Tableau, other libraries like Dash, Plotly, matplotlib, seaborn, etc.

Let’s collaborate to analyze and present your data well to facilitate informed decision making!

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The rising web – Web 3.0

The global industries in this phygital world have already begun to adopt modern operating models and processes. Today’s technology apps are the products and byproducts of Web 3.0 and are sometimes also called 3D Web or Spatial Web. The next evolution in technologies such as edge computing, IoT, blockchain is pushing a structural transformation. The first wave, Web 1.0, came...

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