This covers CRM, financial solutions, insurance verification, enrolment and consent, benefits investigation, claims appeals, prior authorization, co-pay assistance, case management and patient adherence programs.



It provides a smart solution to Healthcare Providers and Patients using advanced Analytics. The patient’s medical records are processed using OCR and the text is obtained from the Digital Charts. Which is [...]

- Compliant to HIPAA standards
- NLP-driven HEDIS overread provides results for a full mat

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Fundus Digital Sketchpad and Information Management

The application consists of two parts, a digital sketchpad and data entry utility for iPad and iPhone and a backend application developed for doctors & researchers. The mobile application streamlines and accelerates the process of [...]

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HRA and Direct Contracting Model

The long-term objective of the application is to create a direct contracting model between employers and hospitals to remove insurance companies thus disrupting the US healthcare system. This will help [...]

  • Micro service architecture for modules access and configurations for different clients.
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OBSGYN-EHR is an intelligently designed PMS for both prenatal and postpartum care that comprehensively captures and manages all data points of the patient journey arising from examinations and patient diagnosis. [...]


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How Digital Experience Platforms Are Changing The Way Patients Receive Services

Role of Digital Experience Platforms in Healthcare Industry The technology gaining great achievements from developing apps to building software. With modern gadgets, we make our lives faster and easier on every platform. The digital medium helps us to interact with users from anywhere in the comfort of our homes. Modern youth rely on social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Whatsapp...

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