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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

At smartData blockchain technology is preferred to sustain data transparency and open doors to direct interaction between peers in this sharing economy. Development is being carried out in APPS, smart contracts, storage on Ethereum blockchain and ERC20 Token

Recent Blockchain Applications Developed at smartData:
App Development- Open-source software that is distributed and leverage on the blockchain technology around Ethereum network. Working with flawless final-product functionality in mind, our highly specialized App developers will bring your App to life with reliable, robust code. To maintain the data integrity we just store the hash of users’ data generated by the Keccak256 algorithm.

Storage on Blockchain- Decentralized cloud storage is a new paradigm that removes intermediaries, enabling you to control your personal data.

ICO, Exchange and ERC20 Tokens development- We help companies to launch their own Cryptocurrencies and conduct ICOs. At smartData, we provide an all-inclusive infrastructure such as token creation, distribution, ICO platform hosting, landing page design and an extensive list of digital marketing services.

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Blockchain Application for Industries in 2022

Technology is coming with newer inventions every year that change our way of living and make it more comfortable. Blockchain is a great innovation in the field of security and transparency. With the growing industry, the IoT gains the popularity worldwide. Users want to make their system more secure than the traditional ways and connect themself with the world confidentially....


How Blockchain Could Revolutionize Cybersecurity

How Blockchain Could Revolutionize Cybersecurity |The Future Use Cases Of Blockchain For Cybersecurity Nowadays, the data saved in the computer system is not safe. Digital attackers can easily gain access to the systems and destroy sensitive data. This is a negative impact on the growing companies and their business also suffers badly. So, It is essential to secure the data...


What are Non-Fungible tokens (NFT)?

A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a wholly unique digital piece of art whose validity can be validated via blockchain technology. The term fungible refers to something that is interchangeable, interchangeable, or replaceable. So, Non-fungible tokens, on the other hand, are tokens that are not interchangeable with any other token. To put it another way, they are one-of-a-kind. The Ethereum...

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