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How Blockchain Improves Healthcare Industry
Posted By: smartData August 25, 2022

Technology has revolutionized different ways of security platforms that enable users to secure and save their data confidentially. Blockchain is a great innovation gaining popularity as industries need more secure means to protect information from unauthorized users. As blockchain transforms the overall structure of various fields, it also achieves great heights in the healthcare industry. …

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A Diverse and Inclusive Business Culture
Posted By: smartData July 21, 2022

An exclusive workplace can lead to better business outcomes for the organization. To keep up with constant innovations & changes in the global market, the workplace is also changing in many ways. It is very important to ensure that employees have ease of access to the best communication medium, advanced strategies as well a user-friendly …

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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Supply Chain Management?
Posted By: smartData July 12, 2022

Are you aware of the term ‘supply chain’ and how it revolutionizes the growth of the organization?  So, let’s start with the supply chain. In recent times, some companies struggling to coordinate internal information and material due to a lack of network. The supply chain is a great mediator for the organization to transfer information …

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Laugh Out Loud- Because you Deserve it
Posted By: smartData April 1, 2022

Today in the spirit of April fool day thought it would be relevant to talk about importance of humour in our day to day life. Sometime in the obstacle course of life every little stress and challenge feels like it means a world, for eg we miss our bus, a weird charge shows up on …

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Secret Sauce to Incredible Wealth – The Metaverse
Posted By: smartData February 16, 2022

What’s common in all the 21’st century companies that make incredible wealth? They’re digital. They’re profited with more time we spend on the digital spaces. (Most importantly) They all have a stake in the Metaverse. → Which makes it seem like Metaverse is the next big thing, But is it really? Is Metaverse worth the …

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The rising web – Web 3.0
Posted By: smartData February 15, 2022

The global industries in this phygital world have already begun to adopt modern operating models and processes. Today’s technology apps are the products and byproducts of Web 3.0 and are sometimes also called 3D Web or Spatial Web. The next evolution in technologies such as edge computing, IoT, blockchain is pushing a structural transformation. The …

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SUPER-APP : A One Stop Service Solution
Posted By: smartData February 1, 2022

Super-apps are apps that combine many services into one, such as chat, payments, and other third-party integrations. While it may appear to be a novel concept in the western world, it is a common term in Asia. WeChat in China and Paytm in India are two of the most popular and straightforward examples of super-apps. …

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The Law of Wasted Effort
Posted By: smartData December 27, 2021

A nice read on how to be “Successful.” These lines that I read somewhere appealed to me and I think everyone at smartData can benefit from. “I had the idea of sharing.” The Law of Wasted Effort* Do you know that lions only succeed in a quarter of their hunting attempts – which means they …

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Digital Customer Experience: Driving Businesses of Today
Posted By: smartData October 19, 2021

The pandemic has been and continues to be a great learning experience for everyone around the globe. While we continue to battle the virus, it has without a doubt changed more than just our hobbies, lifestyle, and shopping habits. One of the major shifts caused by the pandemic is the customer experience. Spending time with …

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Magnetomicrometry – the secret to an adaptive artificial limb
Posted By: smartData August 27, 2021

One of the greatest challenges of a prosthetic limb is to be able to make it move like a natural limb. Even with electromyography, which is the current process for an artificial limb, only partial control is obtained, and the movement is not as smooth as an original limb. In a research at MIT, it …

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