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April 17 - 21, 2023
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Ensuring Customer Centricity through Overseas Travels
Posted By: smartData August 5, 2022

Client visit plays a vital role in the business expansion i.e both horizontal and vertical. It encourages the participants to stay focused and increase their communication for better understanding. We too have client calls, however, our physical meets give a new dimension to the business. How? Due to face to face meetings, We can understand …

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A Diverse and Inclusive Business Culture
Posted By: smartData July 21, 2022

An exclusive workplace can lead to better business outcomes for the organization. To keep up with constant innovations & changes in the global market, the workplace is also changing in many ways. It is very important to ensure that employees have ease of access to the best communication medium, advanced strategies as well a user-friendly …

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Top leader by CEO Insights Magazine- When Success Meets with Preparation
Posted By: smartData December 29, 2021

Whether you’re in your first job or have been stuck in one you don’t like for months, trusting in your career path can be difficult. That’s when you look to others for inspiration. Our CEO Mr.Ajay Tewari has always inspired us with his accomplishments. From a merchant navy officer to a successful entrepreneur, Our CEO …

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How Agility and Resilience are the Essential Qualities of Leadership?
Posted By: smartData July 16, 2021

The most successful leaders in this world are those people who lead their team with their example. For becoming a successful leader, many qualities are essential for every leader. Agility & resilience are the most important qualities which help a lot. Agility is the quality that helps businesses to respond to the different opportunities and …

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Why is Independence Day being celebrated by the United States on 4th July?
Posted By: smartData July 4, 2021

America is celebrating its 247th Independence day today i.e. 04th July 2023. On this day United State of America proclaimed itself independent from the British empire. At that time there were thirteen states/colonies which collectively made current America. The document of the declaration of Independence of America is still displayed at the National Archives in …

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Leadership is not a Position it’s a Mindset
Posted By: smartData June 1, 2021

When we talk about leaders the first few names that pop up in our heads are usually Gandhi , Martin Luther King , Barack Obama , Steve Jobs , and several other leaders of the first world. While they are people that we can look upon, we should not forget that we can become those …

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How to Identify and Promote Leadership?
Posted By: smartData May 25, 2021

What is leadership? Leadership may be a complex topic that has received lots of attention from academics and researchers, but it has an agreeable definition. Most people define leadership as a type of action, or group of actions, that lead other individuals or teams to success. What that success is may differ depending on the …

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Teamwork and Leadership- the Way Forward
Posted By: smartData July 27, 2020

Outdoor adventures strengthen the bond of groups. Since long corporates have kept their employees engaged in fitness activities to challenge experienced leaders and find leaders among those aspiring to be. Treks are the on-the-go choice for management to explore throughout the journey core leadership skills of participants. A practical approach to a new team-building experience. …

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