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Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 Barcelona
Posted By: smartData February 27, 2023

It’s that time of the year again as MWC is back in full force with its prominent trends and technologies in the mobile and telecom industry. This is the biggest and most overwhelming event where tech enthusiasts all over the world connect and share their innovative achievements. smartData looks forward to once again taking a …

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Unraveling The Features And Cost Estimation Of MERN Stack Development
Posted By: smartData December 9, 2022

The online app development business has evolved significantly compared to what it used to be in the past decades. Building web apps gives you a lot of unique and innovative web designs to work with. All of them are built using the “technology stack”, which is the stable and scalable collection of technologies that currently …

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Reason to Consider ‘MEAN’ As The Best Technological Stack For Web Development
Posted By: smartData December 5, 2022

Whenever you decide to design an application or platform, the first thing is the technology that drives the business forward to achieve success. Therefore, when selecting a particular stack for development, its benefits and basic functionality are considered first. Most companies want greater scalability and user management to have an ideal application that fulfills the …

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Can NFTs Be an Effective Tool for Supply Chain Visibility?
Posted By: smartData November 30, 2022

Does NFT beneficial for supply chain management and can it maintain digital data globally? The term NFT is a great advancement of Web 3.0. From finance to virtual realities, web 3.0 provides solutions for every industry. This time NFT provides several opportunities to improve industrial processes. Before going through this term let’s understand it. NFT …

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How to Use Blockchain to Drive Supply Chain Transparency
Posted By: smartData November 15, 2022

Does the supply chain gain end-to-end visibility with Blockchain? Let’s understand the term blockchain and how it revolutionizes supply chain businesses with increased automation efficiency. Today, the supply chain connects globally, including manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, to form a strong network. The modern method continues to expand with newer innovations to make the systems more …

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How On-Demand Handyman App Benefits To Businesses?
Posted By: smartData November 11, 2022

Are you looking to develop an on-demand handyman app for your business? If yes, you need to know certain factors to build an app from scratch. It is quite challenging to build a solid customer base as the market is booming with many apps with great features. Let’s start with what exactly handyman applications mean. …

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Towards the Future: The Global Healthcare App Development Trends for 2022
Posted By: smartData November 11, 2022

People are getting health conscious with time and need a vital platform to meet their wants with a single click. Healthcare apps have caught an integral position smoothly in the medical industry. It transforms users’ lifestyles more exotically with basic features. So, Here we are with another write-up on the need for healthcare app development …

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Reasons Why You Should Build your App with Flutter
Posted By: smartData October 17, 2022

Flutter is a new term heard by fewer users, or maybe not. Let’s understand the term flutter. Mobile apps are increasing with time, and new apps take place on the market with extraordinary features each day. With such exciting stats of mobile app development, developers thought of developing an app that helps to engage better …

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How to Create an Engaging and Effective Telehealth Platform
Posted By: smartData October 7, 2022

Are you aware of the term telemedicine and its advanced features? Well, most of us never tried to know about this new concept in the healthcare sector. So, let’s acquire complete knowledge about the telehealth platform and must-have features that evolve the way of living. Digital innovations are extraordinarily giving new shape to the healthcare …

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How to Find Best Custom Website Development Services
Posted By: smartData September 29, 2022

Social media is a big platform that exposes you to market needs and keeps you connected with the latest services gaining heights. Customers connect themselves with websites when they want to make big purchases online. They learn more about the products to get complete knowledge about them. A good website is key for the company …

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