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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

Today, every woman worldwide is striving hard to create a long–term, balanced future, and have equal rights and opportunities available. It is seen that when an organization empowers women in the workplace, they allow them to have more control over their careers. By investing in training, mentoring, equality programs, and promotion into senior-level positions, the organization ensures career growth, essential for creating long-term employees. We all know- long-term employees serve as an asset to any organization.

Thankfully, we at smartData have such policies to encourage and empower women to find success within our organization. Here, we make them feel welcomed, included, and supported at all levels; they feel assigned at work, resulting in more robust job performance, job satisfaction, and commitment towards our organization. Here are a few ways to encourage more women employees into our workforce.

  1. Getting women in the hiring pipeline: Our job descriptions of any open positions available are gender-neutral, and we make sure we aren’t biased towards any gender. We know that equal gender representation is the key to a healthy and cohesive work environment. So, we created gender diversity and hired more women employees at all levels to make the right future for our organization.

  2. Diversified leadership by promoting women: We ensured that high achieving women are recognized equitably in our succession planning. We have active, ongoing conversations about advancement opportunities and set career goals during quarterly reviews. Women are encouraged to pursue opportunities at every level of the corporate ladder.

  3. Created more role models in every department and at all levels: The younger generation always looks up to various role models to help them shape their ambition and set goals. Over the years, women at smartData have demonstrated exemplary leadership and expertise in what they do and have become role models in all the departments available.

  4. We have equal salaries for equal work and experience: We ensure that all employees with equivalent experience in a similar role are paid the same as their counterparts –no matter an employee’s gender or race.

  5. Encouraged women to speak up: Women are usually overlooked in meetings everywhere, but we ensured and created a comfortable space for women to share their thoughts, ideas, and views and open discussion with other team members during meetings.

  6. Celebrated unbiased success: We praise our female team members or women employees when it is deserved, celebrate their strengths and accomplishments, recognize the contribution and give timely credits where it is due.
With the above ways, we ensured that our organization has solid career paths available to women employees, successfully making one workplace where they have (at least) equal chances for progression and promotion as their male colleagues.

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