“Little things matter the most”

Have you ever thought about what employees expect from their workplace? Why is it important to satisfy the needs of the employees? Why appreciation matters in the workplace?

It is truly said that a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected and this results when employees get appreciation followed by rewards & recognition from their workplace. Appreciation is defined as a feeling or expression of admiration that is very necessary for the workplace to build trust and connect with them. According to a research in Human Resource Management, the most important factor that motivates and engages the employees towards their work with full efficiency and dedication, are Recognition and Appreciation to the work they do. It also plays a key role in Employee Retention.

In a Glassdoor’s Employee Appreciation Survey, 53% of the employees said, feeling more appreciated would help them to stay longer at their organization – even though 68% of employees said the organization already shows them enough appreciation. This states that “More is better.”

Appreciation is not something that should be done once in a while. It should the part of the organization’s culture. Whether it is a monetary reward, a promotion, an award, a bonus, or just a simple Thank-you for their hard work, acknowledgment can do wonders for solidifying a more positive work culture.

Employees deserve an environment where they are treated with respect, dignity, and equality. Appreciating employee contributions towards the organization’s business and growth makes them motivated and keeps their interest in their work. When employees have treated as an asset their productivity increases which ultimately helps the organization to grow. It’s all about trust, respect, loyalty, and appreciation. Employees put extra efforts and go above and beyond if their hard work is respected and the efforts, they put in are worthwhile.

Even sometimes situations come when employees don’t succeed exactly what they have to achieve. But instead of focusing on the failures and challenges along their way, we can praise positive feedback along with the guidance, how they can resolve their challenges so that they also feel more responsible towards their failure outcome.

It should be noted that organization leaders have to successfully focus on and cultivate both employee appreciation and recognition as a part of organization culture as it is directly linked with Job Satisfaction which also leads to Employee Retention. Always remember “Appreciation goes a long way as a motivator.”

At smartData Enterprises, On a timely basis, Sr. Managers & Leads ensure to leave a short message for an individual’s recent achievement or success at the office entrance area. There are certain Tags that are shared for employees on a monthly basis. For eg: Employee of the month, Best new joiner, etc. This in a way that keeps the members engaged to plan their work deliveries in a structured and competent way.

Employee recognition is paramount at smartData. To acknowledge smarTians relentless dedication and zeal that surpassed the routine efforts, rewards & recognition given to improve workplace motivation and boost team performance.

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