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Digital Experience Platform – Solving a Big Problem

What is a DX platform A DX platform is driven by the API first approach behaving as an integrated set of technologies and providing multiple sets of digital touchpoints for a broader range of users. Digital Experience platform provides a complete suite of solutions by collaborating and aggregating all helpful features based on an individual’s …

Workplace Incivility and How can it be corrected!

What is incivility? It’s disrespect or rudeness. Incivility is a common term for social conduct that is not civil or nice, to the people around you. Different behaviors from mocking or belittling someone to teasing people in ways that hurt, to telling offensive jokes and texting in meetings. How you treat people means everything. You …

How the Changes in Weather Affect Your Health

Does the changing weather make you feel worried about certain illnesses? It turns out that changes in weather patterns can have a lot of effects on the human body and the brain. According to the expert’s human body adapts to certain weather and when there are sudden changes in weather the immune system gets disturb. …

How to Remain Healthy During Weather Changes

Change in weather always brings with it an increased risk of developing fevers, flu, aches, and pains. It is important to know how to take care of your health during season change. Sometimes it gets difficult to focus on your health with your busy schedule. Falling sick during season transition seems normal however it can …

How to Make a Big Difference by Small Act – COVID 19?

Washing your hands, maintaining social distancing, avoiding large gatherings are crucial safety guidelines to fight against the current health crisis. You are taking every precaution to safeguard yourself and your family from coronavirus pandemic. But what are you doing to support your local communities? Now when the Government asks their residents to stay at home …

A Collaboration with Tuffman—– from Fatigue to Fitness

Giving back to society is a great way to get a sense of purpose and it’s unparalleled. With a clear purpose of offering opportunities to young athletes, smartData Enterprises takes yet another CSR initiative. The focus this time is Sports and on giving the athletes an experience where they can become competent, proficient, and enthusiastic. …

Workplace Spirituality

A journey from HEAD to HEART, from MOVEMENT to STILLNESS, from SOUND to SILENCE. Organizations expend significant resources on corporate principles and mission statements but also the most motivating of these seem to disappear into the background during the day-to-day busy working schedule. Modern life is fast-paced, there are hundreds of things grabbing for one’s …

smartData CFG Cleanliness Drive

To enourage cleanliness, smarTians participated with full enthusiasm in cleanliness drive for a healthy state of office surroundings. They believe that a small step can contribute a lot to make our environment clean. And with this belief the smarTians actively took part in the cleanliness drive.

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Recent Portfolio Projects

Hotel Administration and Management App

Hospitality platform developed for luxury hotel chain acting as virtual concierge allowing hotel guests to make booking and reservation (F&B, transportation, sightseeing etc) through the app on the go. And this allows hotels to streamlines their day to day operations and enhance guest engagement. One of the interesting features this platform offers is mobile-based check-in and digital room key to [...]

Hotel Administration and Management App

Pharmacy Medication Therapy Management

The main objective of the project is to develop a web-based Medication Therapy Management System that will give clinical chemists a platform to better manage patient medication. By lowering prescription errors, minimizing negative drug responses, and boosting medication adherence, it aids in improving patient outcomes. We anticipate greater medication cost savings and medical resource cost savings (e.g., fewer emergency department [...]

Pharmacy Medication Therapy Management

Telehealth App for Athletes

A platform that will help Athletes connect with clinical athletic trainers and practitioners. It helps with preliminary analyses of the injury and based on the responses given by the patient's application will define the urgency of the injury. The urgency will prompt users to select the recommended choices, either consult the practitioners on an urgent basis or connect with the [...]

Telehealth App for Athletes

Innovative Care Connections

Platform aims to improve care efficiencies, increase employee engagement of healthcare care providers.Any care facility can work with innovative Care Connections team to fill referral, open positions, remain fully staffed in face of fluctuations, and enable growth. It helps medical caregiver or homecare agencies/caregivers to see their shift schedules, Open shifts, request/apply shift. The solution will also help agencies to [...]

Innovative Care Connections

Carwash POS

An integrated POS and marketing system to help car wash owners to attract new business and get current customers to wash more often. Car wash owners can buy the complete system or selective components based on their business requirements. Currently, it's being used in 140+ wash stations across the US.

Carwash POS

B2B Marketplace

It’s an online B2B2C e-commerce marketplace application that provides an electronic commerce channel for trade between Israel and the Gulf states markets. This application is purely a custom platform to accommodate the unique nature of the geographic markets. The solution has the concept of a multi-seller concept handling a wide range of products with multiple product variations and custom delivery [...]

B2B Marketplace
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