Community, Fitness and Green

smartData Dehradun, August 2022

Table Tennis Tournament at Dehradun

High levels of employee engagement promote retention of talent, foster employee loyalty. A culture that encourages wellness among employees helps job satisfaction, reduce stress & enhance productivity.“Table Tennis Tournament” held at Dehradun branch. A month long table tennis tournament where the champions were honored with trophies.

smartData Dehradun, August 2022

Dehradun Freedom Trek

Trekking and exploring bring in a new spark in one’s life. With the mantra of learning through adventure, On the occasion of completing 75 years of Independence , a 75 Km trek from Dubri Goan near Maldevta initiated by our CEO Mr. Ajay Tewari with fellow smarTians Dehradun to – Surkanda Mata Mandir via Kaddukhal.

smartData Mohali, August 2022

Tiranga Bike Rally

A week long freedom celebration concluded by the tiranga bike rally, smarTians to mark the 75th Independence Day this year participated in a tiranga bike rally of 75Km from Shivalik Tower to K Tower Mohali covering Mata Mansa Devi temple. Such events enhance the team spirit and collaboration between different work groups.

smartData Nagpur, August 2022

Walkathon at Nagpur

Our way of celebrating the 75th years of Independence comes with a motive of fitness, healthy living & creating awareness among the youth. Fitness is paramount at smartData Enterprises. In continuation of 7.5 days freedom week celebration, 5Km Walkathon conducted by smarTians of Nagpur branch starting from smartData office to TCS building circle.

smartData Nagpur, July 2022

Tree Plantation

Promoting the effort to “GoGreen”, smarTian’s seek innovative method of promoting eco-friendly environment and work towards preserving the ecological balance . Encouraging the planting of trees, creating an environmental care culture, & making people aware of their inescapable reliance on nature. Tree plantation with our esteem client during her visit to smartData Nagpur branch.

smartData Mohali, July 2022

CSR Contribution to PRC

In continuation of supporting the community in different ways, we took one step forward with PRC-Mohali to support our country’s defense section in terms of helping Indian Army soldiers who fearlessly choose service over themselves.Medical assistance and rehabilitation support to the soldiers who have been retired hurt in some exercise or during the war.

smartData -Org Wide, July 2022

Tree Plantation at KT Tower Mohali

Promoting the effort to “GoGreen”, smarTian’s seeked innovative method of promoting eco-friendly environment by planting various medical and fruit bearing trees in our upcoming Kanchenjunga tower. This motivation to “GoGreen” has increasingly become part of our CSR. Our Chairman & his family have planted trees on their visit of Mohali.

smartData Mohali, July 2022

Community Service- Chabeel Sewa

The rent we pay to occupy here on our lovely planet is service. smarTians always go above and beyond to perform community services. smarTians have planned the Chabbel service by serving refreshing sweet drink for the commuters in the hot and humid weather to provide them with some relief. Additionally, Prasad was also distributed.

smartData Nagpur, June 2022

SPL Season-11 Nagpur Winner

CFG is the mantra that motivates us to put more effort to create a healthy organization for #smarTians. A month long cricket tournament act as a catalyst to provide work life balance resulting in productivity increase and a happy workforce. SPL Nagpur witnessed their finale post grueling competition between 3 teams, Tufaani Dhuranders won the …

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