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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Community, Fitness and Green

smartData Mohali, June 2024

CSR to Ex-Servicemen League

At SDEI, we are committed to expressing our gratitude to those who have made significant sacrifices for our nation. We take great pride in supporting the Dehradun Ex-Servicemen League, and we stand firm in our commitment to assist them in their commendable efforts to resettle Ex-servicemen, Veer Naris, War Widows, and their dependents. Together, we …

smartData Nagpur, September 2023

CSR to Vijaya Pariwar Ashram

Supporting Vijaya Pariwar Ashram in Nagpur, our recent CSR efforts encompass grocery donations and solar maintenance. These initiatives aim to create a positive impact, emphasizing our commitment to community welfare. Under our CFG initiatives, we strive to brighten lives and build a better future for all to make a meaningful difference.

smartData Mohali, August 2023

Padamasadhana – CFG Initiative

Padamasadhana, our CFG Initiative, embraces employee wellbeing holistically. Through mindfulness sessions, fitness activities, and mental health support, it cultivates a harmonious work-life balance. This program fosters resilience, reduces stress, and enhances productivity. Padamasadhana embodies our commitment to nurturing not only professional growth but also the overall health and happiness of our workforce.

smartData Org-Wide, August 2023

Walkathon on Independence Day

On Independence Day, smarTians took strides towards fostering employee wellness through an invigorating walkathon. As a display of unity and commitment to well-being, the walkathon encapsulated the spirit of the occasion. This CFG initiative underscores our dedication to promoting a healthier workforce and echoes the values of unity and wellness that Independence Day represents

smartData Dehradun, June 2023

SPL-6 Winner

smartData prioritized employee fitness through the SPL-6 cricket tournament. SDD Fighters emerged as victorious champions, showcasing their skills and teamwork. The SDD Strikers secured the runner-up position, displaying their determination and talent. Under our CFG initiatives for employee wellness,the event fostered a healthy and competitive spirit among employees, promoting overall well-being and camaraderie.

smartData -Org Wide, June 2023

Yoga Week

Leading up to International Yoga Day, Yoga week celebrated across all branches. The wellness and fitness programs had a specific focus on stress reduction, productivity enhancement, and improved concentration. smarTians, actively participated to alleviate back and neck pain associated with extended periods of sitting. This initiative effectively nurtured a healthier and revitalized workforce.

smartData Mohali, June 2023

SPL -14 WInner

The Mohali-SPL-14 finale was a thrilling mix of nerves and excitement, featuring outstanding performances from all 6 teams. The ultimate showdown between sD Mavericks and sD Pirates had spectators on the edge of their seats. sD Mavericks emerged as champions of SPL season 14. The organizing committee’s efforts ensured a flawless and memorable event.

smartData -Org Wide, June 2023

International Yoga Day Celebration

The International Yoga Day celebration at smartData was filled with enthusiasm. Following the Yoga week, the event was truly remarkable, bringing together employees for a memorable experience. The day’s festivities showcased the organization’s commitment to employee wellness and provided a wonderful opportunity to embrace the benefits of yoga as a community under our CFG initiatives.

smartData Mohali, June 2023

Prasanchetas Foundation Day

Our support to NGO Prasanchetas Foundation in Mohali is collective efforts in bringing about meaningful change in the society. We are grateful to stand alongside them as they continue to create a positive impact. On their 5th foundation day CEO Mr. Ajay Tewari inaugurated the event, emphasizing their commitment for a better world.

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