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A firm belief in building an improved community having people living better lives and an objective of giving back to the society had led the establishment of smartCFG. Our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) are part of smartData’s strategy along with sustainability, embedded into the core of our business, is what makes us unique.

smartData Mohali, March 2021

    Visit to Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre

    What could be more prestigious and a privileged opportunity for adding some moments of engagement, energy and warmth in the lives of our soldiers on the wheelchairs. To support the cause of Prasanchetas foundation, a visit made to Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre for the felicitation and giving away the certificates to soldiers who participated in 3 …

    smartData Mohali, February 2021

      CSR to Prasanchetas Foundation

      Prasanchetas Foundation, an NGO is dedicatedly working for the empowerment of the girls, women and children through education, literacy, awareness and employability. Our strong initiatives to help their campaigns as always, resulted in monetary contribution to make the society a better place to live for all.

        Support to NGO

        An important element of giving is the joy and happiness that one experience’s when giving from their heart, without any expectation or attachment. Following their soul and offering their energy of mindfulness, Grocery Kits were distributed to waste pickers of the Bhanewadi dump yard, Nagpur to support the cause of the Centre for Sustainable Development, …

          Donation to Chandigarh Spinal Rehab

          With the thought of enhancing the quality of life of individuals with spinal cord injury and brain injury; our support to Chandigarh Spinal Rehab is a step towards creating a strong business with the initiative of making a better world and changing their lives with a positive return to resume their lives as independent and …

          smartData Org-Wide, January 2020

            Blood Donation Camps

            Donating blood is one of the greatest ways to help humankind. The campaign held organization wise had 170 volunteers coming forward for an altruistic action that benefits all of society which is donating blood. It not only created awareness of the responsibility towards our community but also encouraged many to be regular donors.

            smartData Dehradun, January 2020

              Spreading Warmth with Blanket Distribution

              No act of kindness, is ever wasted. Even one smallest thoughtful gesture can make someone’s day. As the winter chills turn harsh with each passing day, it’s becoming difficult for poor & elderly to survive. Spreading warmth among less privileged people of the society many blankets were distributed by smarTians from Mohali & Dehradun to the needy.

              smartData Mohali, January 2020

                Blankets For The Homeless

                Many parts of India experienced extreme winters which made it difficult for poor, and elderly to survive. Distributing blankets to the needy not only spread the message of love and harmony but gave a relief to many less privileged and marginalized people living in slum areas with a meaning gift for the season.

                smartData Dehradun, December 2019

                  Clothes Donation

                  Donating clothes is becoming more common with people learning more about supporting local charities or helping those with less. Contributing to the very cause of ‘Social Revolution’, smarTians initiated a winter uniform donation drive that helped many underprivileged students that were being sponsored by the Asraa Trust, Dehradun.

                  smartData Dehradun, November 2019

                    Contribution to DESL for Veer Narees

                    Behind every strong soldier, there are unsung brave hearts holding the fort together – their spouses and the family members. With an aim to assist the DESL in ensuring that Veer Naris and their families are resettled with utmost dignity in society, our contribution to their initiative is a small stepping stone towards a greater cause.

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