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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Christmas is the beautiful time of the year that unites people together with their loved ones. It is a festival of joy, laughter, and sharing a strong bond.

When it’s the time to celebrate this overwhelming day with employees, there is a perfect opportunity for the workforce to boost employee morale and encourage the unique perspective of every team member.

Celebrating Christmas in the office will harbor new relationships and build existing ones. This special day will acknowledge and reward your employees and coworkers for their efforts over the previous year.

Our latest blog will help you prepare for the festive season and create an amazing Christmas party for employees to make your event a memorable one.

Activities Depict the Festive Vibe

A day starts with great joy and colorful insights.smarTians gear up to be part of every event and enjoy all the activities.

  • Secret Santa
  • This is a game that many of us played, but some might have yet to hear. Having secret Santa at work is all part of the run-up to Christmas. Whether you get a thoughtful present or a prank gift, it leads to some laughs in the office.

    We played this game in a fascinating way by exchanging the chits randomly, and the name in the chits was their giftee. The gifts are given the secret Santa that might be anything.

  • Red & White Dress Code
  • Lets your color speak the festive vibe. Every employee follows the dress code and comes in colorful attire that makes everyone look classy. The boundless of celebrating the festival was amply visible on the faces of each employee.

    We set up a Christmas photoshoot for our colleagues to capture memorable moments of every face to make it more admirable and to the top.

  • Cubicle Decoration at Nagpur
  • This Christmas, all three branches of smartData, i.e., Dehradun, Mohali, and Nagpur, enjoy this day with great excitement and joy. Happy time is always the best part of life; celebrating these precious moments fosters the bond of togetherness.

    Cubicle decoration is the most exciting event in the workplace. Our Nagpur branch welcomes this day by decorating its workplace beautifully with colorful hangings, Christmas banners, boots, paper Santa, Christmas trees, etc.

  • Gratitude to the Office Staff by Offering Gifts
  • On this Christmas, smarTians bring the value of sharing and acknowledging gratitude. Our higher authority paid gratitude to the office staff by presenting gifts and expressing their respect for them to be a significant part of our organization.

  • Santa Dance
  • Lastly, Dance is a unique way to represent every festival, and the day is incomplete without it. Our team, with full energy and enthusiasm, cherish their moments and expresses happiness with a fantastic dance with Santa. All smarTians enjoy the day fully and give a fresh start to the coming year.

Wrap Up

To make your party more engaging and memorable, add unexpected twists and activities to keep your employees buzzing with cheer. Re-energize your workforce and celebrate your company’s achievements by throwing a great party. Grab your Santa hat and get into the festive season with your teammates.

Last but not least wish you a Merry Christmas day and a prosperous New Year!

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