The rising need to find sustainable ways to manage energy and consumer products worldwide, has grown exponentially in the last decade. New ideas and new ways continue to be explored for a sustainable future.

Technology plays the role of a catalyst in finding these new opportunities.

smartData Enterprises is collaborating with Cleantech and Greentech companies to reach the decarbonizing biggest goals. We are working with clients in different energy sectors (wind, solar, bioenergy, etc.) and developing comprehensive software solutions for industries looking to reduce carbon footprints (oil & gas, EV, agriculture, travel & hospitality, environment, and more).

Our experts bring in industrial and tech expertise at all stages of system design, development and implementation.Need a new software development project or need to build on top of an existing platform?

We are bridging the software focused on clean technology and green technology with hardware, people, process and environment.


Workflow Management and BI

Enterprises are making necessary changes in their existing systems to make solution flexible and receive data driven insights for different user roles and their specific needs. This includes developing centralized systems for reporting utility data & KPIs, budgeting, forecasting, assets planning, real-time monitoring, pipeline management and tracking.


Oil and Gas enterprise mineral management system

A suite of software products for the upstream oil & gas industry. It manages the geological surveys, drilling & exploration, wells management and petroleum production optimisation to mineral asset management. The product automates the wells' life cycle management Read more

Solar Marketplace for commercial and industrial properties

It is a web and mobile platform developed to provide users with exclusive access to the best price for a commercial solar system. It has a solar site inspection (used to survey the location where the solar device needs to be installed) and a project management platform Read more

Water Distribution System

Software for water distribution systems is designed to help water utilities to monitor and analyze water distribution network performance. It enables efficient management of water distribution systems by providing real-time monitoring and analysis of data such as Read more

Oil and gas enterprise mineral management system
Solar marketplace for commercial and industrial properties
Water disruption system


EV smartCharging platform

An enterprise-level tool developed for electricity providers and their customers (EV users & smart home product users) with their smart-charging algorithm helping them to charge their electric vehicles or manage their smart home Read more

Teleconsultation with IOT devices

This telemedicine web application enables real-time video-conferencing and chats functionality among patients and medical providers. The secured web portal allows patients to create online profiles where they can access and Read more

smartLED Controller

Home automation application developed for Phantom LED using the power of IFTTT allowing users to control the LED directly from the mobile. This supports 4 different types of connections wifi direct, wifi lan, cloud and NFC. Read more

EV smartCharging platform
smartLED controller

Software applications in Cleantech and Greentech are using a wide number of embedded and connected devices. It is important to understand the IoT ecosystem. Our expertise is in IoT integration and real time synchronization of data to mobile devices while ensuring compliances.

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AI and Blockchain

Artificial intelligence is moving closer to the industrial revolution and blockchain is going parallel with AI to offer forefront security on distributed systems and applications. Our AI-enabled blockchain technology tracks real-time data searches and makes software solutions more secure.


NFT marketplace

NFT Marketplace for Motorsport enthusiasts providing Motorsport-related interactive digital assets like helmets, gloves, cubes, racing moments, etc. The marketplace is developed over the Ethereum blockchain Read more

AI powered HIE platform

This solution is SaaS cloud-based electronic health records and information exchange platform that connects health care providers (hospitals, laboratories, and physician practices), payers (insurance companies) Read more


VoIP NLP simulates the real-time human interaction using voice, and help businesses to streamline their customer journey and reducing the number of contacts into the customer support team. Read more

NFT maketplace
AI powered HIE Platform


Mobile Advertising Platform

An advertisement platform promoting the use of clean energy for commute through biking campaigns in 3 simple steps- "affiliate, install & ride". It enables biking enthusiasts to enroll their private bike Read more

Mileage expense tracking Platform

Real-time automatic mileage tracking app which works continuously in background mode and tracks miles traveled for business and personal logs. It enables you to automatically set & Read more

Line Inspection Platform

Cloud-based geospatial platform displaying poles and stations over the map using KML implementation and perform real-time inspections improving operational efficiency in the system. Read more

Mobile Advertising Platform
Mileage expense tracking platform
Line Inspection Platform

All industries undergoing a dramatic transformation as the world moves to an environmentally sustainable economy. Emerging technology revolutionizing cleantech which will undergo a major transformation over the coming years. Our innovative approach to the digital solution took a kick step for developing cleantech applications.

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What is Fall Detection?

The pandemic has been and continues to be a great learning experience for everyone around the globe. While we continue to battle the virus, it has without a doubt changed more than just our hobbies, lifestyle, and shopping habits.

Digital Customer Experience

IoMT(Internet of Medical Things): Revolution in the Healthcare

IoMT is the Internet-connected medical devices, infrastructure hardware & digital applications used to connect healthcare IT. This is a patient-centric approach enabling patients to transfer medical data easily, helping to reduce medical visits.

Internet of Medical Things

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials is the scientific study of drugs in human. It refers to any testing done on human beings for the sake of determining the value of a treatment for the sick or for preventing disease or sickness. In other terms, it's a human experiment designed to study the efficacy and safety of a new drug/ intervention.

Care Gaps in Healthcare
Estimate Project