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Build a Future of Environmental Excellence and Ignite Sustainable Solutions for a Greener World.

Build a Greener World with CleanTech

Industries are making significant shifts towards a more digitized, decarbonized, and resource-efficient industrial future. It is a challenge that will require innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability from all stakeholders.

We are committed to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources through our CleanTech solutions, which are focused on reducing carbon emissions, waste, and enhancing efficiency.

Our goal is to acheive environmental, sustainability and green objectives therefore we are dedicated to develop and promote innovative clean and green technologies that address climate change, wastage and efficiently utilizing resources.

Global Clean Energy Market (2019- 2027)

We are inspired by the ambitious goal of Europe to become the world's first carbon-neutral capital by 2050 amongst which Copenhagen aims world's first Carbon Neutral capital by 2025. It represents a significant step forward in the fight against climate change and to achieve carbon neutrality. 

Renewable energy accounted for 72% of all new power capacity additions whereas the global electric vehicle market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.1% from 2020 to 2027. By following the market trends, we also took the initiative to develop smart charging applications which automatically charge EVs when CO2 levels & electricity prices are low. 

Key focus of GreenTech & CleanTech Solutions 

Our commitment to ESG extends beyond our solutions. We also strive to incorporate sustainable practices into our operations and promote a greener future for all. 

Carbon footprint calculation and reporting 

Help organizations and individuals measure and calculate their carbon emissions across the complete supply chain. Also track progress towards carbon reduction goals and implement strategies to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Waste Management and Recycling

These solutions can include waste-to-energy technologies, composting programs, and recycling initiatives that divert waste from landfills and promote resource conservation. Helps to track waste streams, optimize collection routes, and provide analytics for waste reduction strategies.

SmartCharging & controlling smart home devices

Exploring the world of EVs, home automation and other IOT devices we are helping consumers to automatically consume electricity when it's climate-friendly and cheapest. Through automated and intelligent charging, combined with smart grid integrated flexibility services, we provide EV & smart home users with easy and convenient ways to lower their climate impact while saving money. 

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Environmental Benefits/Climate Crisis

Climate change is one of the main drivers of the global transition to green technology. Our cleanTech solutions can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources, and protect ecosystems.

Cost Savings

Our reliable clean technology solutions help to reduce operating costs over time. With smart Charging we are not only saving the environment but also operational costs at our end as well.

Regulatory Compliance

In some cases, governments may require businesses to meet certain environmental standards or regulations. Our clean technology solutions can help organizations to comply with these regulations and avoid penalties or fines.

Harness CleanTech solutions for a sustainable tomorrow

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Recent Portfolio Projects


OBSGYN-EHR is an intelligently designed PMS for both prenatal and postpartum care that comprehensively captures and manages all data points of the patient journey arising from examinations and patient diagnosis. It includes the first-trimester risk calculator, which is available to FMF certified and registered practitioners. The product streamlines the processes of documenting and evaluating patient diagnoses. Based on the data [...]


Marine Shipping Port Management

A shipping domain application used by shipping agencies to provide the services on port at the time of arrival/departure of shipment. The main functionality of this application is to create port calls, maintain a log of all the activities performed on the port and generate SOF reports to charge the customer.

Marine Shipping Port Management

Wholesale euDeals

Wholesale eu-Deals is Europe’s largest Wholesale Directory of Wholesale Distributors, Suppliers and Products.  This e-commerce application offers direct sales of wholesale products, mainly gadgets and electronics, for small and medium retailers and eBay power sellers. Since 2004 helped thousands of traders, companies and individuals find quality wholesalers and products.

Wholesale euDeals

Consultant booking Platform

The consultant booking platform is a website that enables end-consumers to learn about services, sign a legal document using adobe sign, and book a consultant without any human involvement. The appointment booking involved making payment through the website only using PayPal. The website provides interactive pages that include informational pages, fee agreement/payment page, the combined sign-in/sign-up page, forgot password page, [...]

Consultant booking Platform

Audit and Workflow Management System

An online compliance & remote staff management system was developed for an Australia-based construction company to streamline their internal processes by having an advanced online tool. The major purpose of this system was to ensure best & defined practices to be followed within the organization which they can avoid any process/operational issues.

Audit and Workflow Management System

Electronic Claims

Its is a SaaS based extensive e-claim processing software for different practices to validate the quantity as well as quality of claim processes. HIPAA and HITECT act compliant medical office management (OS) application with a focus on making healthcare claims easy, efficient and economic. 

Electronic Claims
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