Meet with team smartData

April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL
Jayraj Lutchmun
Managing Director

Founded a startup in the Healthtech. I came to know about smartData through Upwork and after various Checks and numerous amount of checks. we have approved smartData,as a great supplier of software.When I came here, the welcome was like more than worldly, very friendly staff,listening to all that you have to say and also to your future endeavors, adventures and vision. Many companies say that they're customer-centric, but in reality, they're just repackaging existing commodities into different colors or flavors. With smartData, we can say that these people are really agile. They don't throw solutions in front of you right away. The whole team listen and understand pain points and then try to find solutions for you and sometimes I am much amazed by the amount of solutions that can be produced for a single pain point.I will recommend you choose smartData for future networking and projects in other markets.

Heath Pratt

I'm the founder of Splynt Inc. I want to appreciate how good the work has been with smartData. We've been a partner with them for over two years, and they've been continuing to deliver a good product with us. Their team is very talented and highly responsive and helps in fulfilling our needs when we need to. We just really enjoy working with them and pleased to be work with such a great organization.


My name is Lamae, I'm the CEO of Dream Warriors Group. We're super excited that Praveen visiting our office today. We're loyal smartData customers as I really impressed with their work ethics. They provide personalized services with top notch technology and the team of experts help us no matter what I request. So I'd highly recommend them and feel excited to work with smartData.

Joyce Tang

I am being a part of smartData for the past few years. I am very impressed with the team. The developers and UI team doing excellent work to create a website. Due to their domain expertise, responsiveness as well as ability to be on time and on schedule make them a brilliant team. These are some major factors that enable me to work with them. I am really happy to be a part of smartData.

Dr. Mehrzad
Primary care physician

I have been associated with smartData for the last 5 years. They are developing an Electronic Medical Record system for me. The employees working for the company are quite knowledgeable. The team used to guide us with development and role responsiveness. They solved many issues related to the project and we are always reliable to them for our problems. I am really very happy to choose them as my technology partner.

Dr. Kaku Barkoh
MD Spine Surgeon

I have been working with development team at smartData for the last 6 months . I was looking for a dedicated team for my project to get the best results. The team has lot of medical experience and know about healthcare strategies . It was an amazing experience to work with them and get to learn many things. They are determined in their work and are full of knowledge. I am happy with my decision of choosing smartData and want to have more success with this company.

Matt McAlpin
Founder & CEO

I want to thank smartData for putting together the team of Vivek, Sumit, Shailendra, Jagdish and Surender. I appreciate all of these guys’ hard work and dedication to the project. I have really enjoyed working with the guys and look forward to working with them for a long time. They are easy to work with and very professional. Everything about these guys is good.

I don’t have anything but great things to say about each of them. I appreciate them and all of their hard work. We are getting into the form part next and I am looking forward to seeing how they tackle this next big piece of the software.


We have been working with smartData since 2009 implementing a large practice management solution in healthcare. It has been great working with the team. Their know-how in healthcare has led to many useful discussions. We look forward to working with them in the coming years.

Marc Myers
Board Member

Primate Conservation has collaborated with smartData for more than a decade, engaging in multiple stages of projects aimed at enhancing program performance and optimizing communication with stakeholders interested in conservation projects. Throughout our interactions, we have enjoyed a consistently positive experience. As a small organization, we often encountered complex challenges that required additional support, and smartData was instrumental in providing that assistance. The professionals with whom we worked were highly skilled and always conducted themselves with respect, making the collaboration a true pleasure. Overall, our partnership with smartData has been an outstanding working experience.

Andreas Mayer
Founder & CEO

I have experienced smart Data as a very professional company. From the very beginning, they make me feel very comfortable with the team. Their way of having discussions with the team and maintaining professionalism is exceptional. For me, it’s a great opportunity to involve with their talented team and run my project. I am looking forward to having successful projects together with smartData which gives me a big confidence in that what they do.

Jatin Janiyani
Director- Product Development and Marketing | Technology

It's been an incredible journey for us working with smartData for almost a year and a half. We began our project with business analysis, then moved on to wire framing, UI UX, and development, and so far the work has been excellent. The entire team was able to solve the problem that we had with the product. An amazing thing was that the gap that we initially had with the product was solved very well. I was very pleased with the outcome and the entire development team for their outstanding work. We are at the pace of the launch phase of our product and looking forward to a long-term relationship with this team.

Steve Presser
President & COO

I want to thank all the smartData team . We've been working with you guys for years and i really appreciate their team work and efforts in delivering best projects with high productivity. It's been an incredible experience to work with such a talented team. We built some really big things, and we're just getting started, so thank you very much.

Senior Project Manager

I am a senior project manager of Dream Warriors Group. We have been working with smartData for sometime and have had a wonderful experience with them. They are very professional and the team is very talented and energetic. This would be the best ever experience for me to be a part of such an organization. I like working with smartData and feel elevated.

Justin Moses

I have worked with many developers and agencies in past. we have a very complicated mobile development application. But, working with smart data from last 4 months i realized that they are very organised and has keen knowledge of the topic. They have the confidence that I needed for me to take our project to the next level. I want to complete the developing process and bring it to launch and beyond. That's my plan and I am pleased to work with such a talented team of smartData. They are very professional and organized people. I am very grateful to continue working with them.

Jay Ackerman

We are software company focusing on the healthcare sector. smartData and we have been in a partnership for 3 years now and they have been great partners. We first hired them to stabilize our platform but as we moved along they have build our entire tech stack. They have had a great consistency with our team and the range of technical expertise and a variety of tech skills like AI, ML, and NLP has been a plus. We look forward to working with them in 2020 as well.

Garth Smith
President /CEO

I would like to express my gratitude for the work you have been doing on the NexLending project, for the excellence displayed in the work completed and the sheer commitment to the tasks individual and as a whole. The extent at which you (as a team) have accommodated my requests and personal nuances and facilitated my thoughts on the project has been inspiring.

Your professionalism is unquestionable and I would be delighted to recommend your team to any company or any person for the most complicated enterprise level software development project. You have been extremely accommodating and easy to work with and I look forward to a long and fruitful continued working relationship.

Want to say thanks again especially to Sonia, (my primary contact) Pradeep, Sanvir Mayank, Deepak, Vishal, Vivek, Anil, Rajendra, and all the others I have not who have helped the project to the project to this stage. Thank you all.

Rafael Esteves

It was difficult for us to find a company who can understand our requirements. We came in contact with smartData Enterprises through Upwork. Healthcare experts were able to understand the complexity of the application, with their thorough analysis they made everything so easy.

They are updated about the latest trends, gave us ideas. The team is so productive, continuously adding value to our project and eventually, the team grew up.

We really made good relations, met with smartData business executive in the U.S. With time the confidence build and we started with more projects with smartData.

Yousuf Almazeedi

smartData team under Jaspreet was very supportive, responsive, and understood my needs very well at first explanation. Efficiently implements changes as we required them. Seamless communication and provided frequent updates. The team was able to complete the task and therefore they had the necessary skill set that was required. A team of hard workers, they’re reliable and supportive. They gave us exactly what we wanted and will be a pleasure to work with them again. I would highly recommend smartData to others looking to outsource their development.

Christopher Bradford

It's been a great experience working with smartData. I am extremely impressed with their ability to find and provide talented people. It is very difficult in the market today to get the right team. It's been really impressive to see how quickly they've been able to do the work. The developers and designers are capable of learning new skills very quickly and applying them. It's been a great pleasure, and I've also really enjoyed the interactions that I've had with people. Overall, I feel extremely happy and overwhelmed working with the smartData team.

Peter Murray
VP Operations

Hi, my name is Peter Murray and today I'd like to share my experiences with smartData. Smart Data is a global software development company and was selected by our company to design and build our PWA Webbased application. Throughout an extensive evaluation process, the smartData team, led by Mohit Pateria, displayed a high level of understanding of project, demonstrated their innovation and expertise, and more importantly for our company, they're committed to our vision and journey to implement an AI based solution for our clients. We are halfway through this project and Mohit has been with us every step of the way. I cannot speak highly enough of his skills, experience and the guidance he gives our project. I can highly recommend Mohit and the smartData team for any project you may have planned.

Jason Battles
CTO / Digital Business Lead

This is Jason Battles. I'm here with my great friend, Rakesh Pant. I want to say thank you to smartData and all the wonderful projects that we're working on together. Wish I could see all your team members here in Oklahoma sometime soon, this is my pleasure to work with such a talented team and come to know about the incredible services they are delivering. But until then, I wish you all the best and thank you.


I am the CTO of the dreamwarrior group. It's an overwhelming experience to be part of the smartData team as I am working with smartData for a while now. They are doing an amazing job and following the instructions properly. Their team is very intelligent and professional to work with.

Robert Pierce

Great experience. Has again worked on a geo fencing based project, we have started together next phase of development as well. Quite proud that we are continuing to broaden the relationship with them in various ways. I really appreciate smartData for understanding the businesses for global prices and demonstrating market needs. In pricing, they were very thorough and exhaustive in their approach. They have a team-based approach that makes them easy to work with. Some of their qualities include responsiveness and the know-how of what they are actually building.

Business Owner & Managing Director

When I looked for technology partners 14 years ago, I screened out 3 companies to outsource my business and smartData was one of them. I decided to flew off to meet these companies and it worked for me with smartData. 10 years ago we just had ideas and the good thing about smartData is that you write an idea, give a brief and the team would make it happen. We have developed payment platforms, device tracking and many mobile apps together. Its the price and team knowledge that gives smartData an advantage.

Jay Zetz

I have been working with development team at smartData and their business manager Ashish Chaubey for about 5 years now. They have created from scratch, enhanced and maintained my sports platform well. I have met their CEO Ajay Tewari face to face, and Ashish 3-4 times face to face since we met.

They are very nice people and do a great job!

Dr. Nolan Walker

smartData team was very timely and efficient & a very good price. Dicom imaging healthcare work done together. We plan to work on the next version of this together. The developers were technologically competent as well as clearly committed to a fruitful relationship. We were nurturing through the development team. It was great, we had a very positive experience actually. Ease of billing and allowing us to work directly with the team member assigned to us streamlined communication, and timely deliveries. Overall, It was a great pleasure to work with them!


Just want to thank smartData’s team for their work over the past few months in completing phase 1 successfully. Everything could not have been any more professional and dealt with in such timely manner. The quality and expertise of the team are truly second to none. Thank you to all those who helped finalize our phase 1.

Team rating: 5/5 (Amazing ethic, communication and knowledge)

I look forward to continually working together for future phases.

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