Healthcare Application Client

Just want to thank smartData’s team for their work over the past few months in completing the phase 1 successfully. Everything could not have been any more professional and dealt with in such timely manner. The quality and expertise of the team is truly second to none. Thank you to all those who helped finalize our phase 1.

Team rating: 5/5 (Amazing ethic, communication and knowledge)

I look forward to continually working together for future phases.

Christian K. Nehme

Director , Nemco Digital Agency .- Australia ( Sydney, Australia)

Haroon Bhutta smartData

It has been a pleasure to work with smartData development team. There’s no idea of mine, team had trouble creating and was able to complete my software very timely. Team also has fixed many bugs/ or problems that have come up in my testing stages. Developers were accessible at my convenience and made it very easy working with someone in India while I’m in the U.S.

Haroon Bhutta

Owner , Island SEO consultant .- ( New York, USA)


I am very pleased with the work on this project. The attention to detail, quality of delivery, time to delivery… everything was very smooth.

Outstanding work, excellent team and the quality I am very happy with. The project management was impeccable.

I wanted to let everyone know and congratulate the team for such an excellent job. :)

Brad Holland

Owner , Family vacation Rental .- ( California, US)


I would like to express my gratitude for the work you have been doing on the NexLending project, for the excellence displayed in the work completed and the sheer commitment to the tasks individual and as a whole. The extent at which you (as a team) have accommodated my requests and personal nuances and facilitated my thoughts on the project as been inspiring.

Your professionalism is unquestionable and I would would be delighted to recommend your team to any company or any person for the most complicated enterprise level software development project. You have been extremely accommodating and easy to work with and I look forward to a long and fruitful continued working relationship.

Want to say thanks again especially to Sonia, (my primary contact) Pradeep, Sanvir Mayank, Deepak, Vishal, Vivek, Anil, Rajendra, and all the others I have not who have helped the project to the project to this stage. Thank you all.

Garth Smith

President /CEO , NexLending Inc .- West Palm Beach ( Florida, US)


I have worked with smartData for nearly 7 years to build and deliver a financial software application to governmental entities. We accomplished a large number of project, where each project involved a high level of customization to adjust the software to meet the financial methodology of that client, mostly involving complex personnel costing scenarios. I found smartData to be very well equipped to not only build in dynamic flexibility to meet a variety of client needs but also customize complicated algorithms to automate personnel costing for each individual client. This included enforcing various mandated Accounting standards, designing the system to handle workflow approval stages, offering upper and lower level tools to make data manipulation easy for clients, and creating a user friendly GUI to simplify otherwise very cumbersome administrative tasks.

The team always followed instructions well and recommended improvements to instructions when needed. They worked overtime when required to meet tight client deadlines. smartData management also allowed me to adjust staffing levels as needed to handle variation in workload. If there was ever a particular task a developer had trouble with, they had an entire team with a wealth of experience to provide assistance. Although there were some adjustments needed on my part to set processes in place so that I could properly work with the team in an organized fashion, I never felt like there as a task they could not accomplish. I would recommend them for anything from simple web page design to highly complicated database driven web application.

Doug Fletcher

Project Manager , Questica .- New York City ( NY, US)


Outsourcing web development has been made easier through our relationship with smartData. What was once a world of unknowns and limited resources was transformed into structured workflows and versatile resources. Inconsistent team performance and QA management with other companies ended when we began partnering with smartData. Quick turnaround on needs and change requests while maintaining project deadlines has proven to be invaluable in our business. smartData has been up to the task from day one. I highly recommend them to take our offshore development needs to the next level.

Erik Swierk

G.M , NewspaperARCHIVE .- Cedar Rapids ( CA, US)


We have completed several projects with smartData over the past twelve months, with a team of smartData developers. These projects included mobile applications, tablet applications, and the development of our flagship product Glance – Applied Data Visualization, in C# .NET. This large, complex product was completed on time, and on budget, and is undergoing further development. We plan to use SmartData as part of our development strategy for the future. The personnel that smartData has used on our projects have been very talented, capable, communicative and responsive, and we have nothing but the highest regard for all for all the people at smartData that we have had the pleasure of dealing with.

Bryan & Iain

President , Applied Information Inc. .- Atlanta ( GA, US)


Tarandeep Singh has been working as a contract Graphic Designer and front end developer for Inkjet Wholesale since January 2016. He has proven himself as an invaluable part of the team delivering modern, well thought out graphical content in a timely manner. His tasks range from promotional banners, buttons and related design assets through to fully developed HTML design for new pages on both our desktop and mobile website platforms.

Taran’s skills, enthusiasm and commitment makes him a true asset to any development team and I would strongly recommend his services.

Dean Usher

IT Development Manager , Inkjet Wholesale .-

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