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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

Computer vision a sub-set of artificial intelligence enables computers to derive meaningful information from digitally available images, videos or other visual inputs, which are used to take actions or make recommendations. The market of computer vision has been projected to grow at 7% during the forecasted period of 2021-2026.

Computer vision technologies can be implemented everywhere, like retail, agriculture, public health, automotive industry, healthcare, pose estimation, security, etc. It can detect consumer behaviors, mood, identify objects, detect anomalies in image, image segmentation, medical imaging, object recognition, image analysis, human pose estimation, etc. and has been widely utilized in various areas to leverage its benefits.

Our work consist of developing solutions in computer vision technique include surveillance system, image segmentation, image recognition, ensemble modelling, image filtering, OCR and NLP, etc. We are proficient in developing solutions using OpenCV, Gstreamer, Nvidia TLT, TensorFlow, PyTorch, YOLO, keras, AWS cognitive services, Azure cognitive services, etc.

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FemTech- The Technology Shaping the Future of Women's Health

Women experience unique health issues whether it is Reproductive health, infertility, maternal health, post-natal depression, breast cancer, PCOD, menopause, etc. A proper guidance by advocating, evidence-based programs and community health, can avoid any life-threatening situation.


What is Health Information Exchange(HIE)?

Electronic exchange of clinical information permits doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other health care providers, and patients to retrieve and securely share a patient's vital medical information electronically—improving the speed, quality, safety, coordination, and cost of patient care.

Health Information Exchange

Clinical Trials

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc throughout the country and the healthcare system. However, telemedicine is stepping up as the spotlight helping healthcare providers and caregivers better respond to the needs of the patients

Clinical Trials
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