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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Fintech and insurtech: Altogether smartData has developed 5000+ cloud-based platforms and 1000+ on-premise applications for start-ups and SMEs. Our financial compliance software follows PCI 3.0, PCI 6.5, PCI DSS with regards to claims management, policy management, risk management, service aggregation, workflow management, and reporting.

Healthcare: With domain expertise and technical proficiency, healthcare app developers continue to work on HIPAA, PHI, HITECH, HEDIS compliance management software. These cover patient information management & reporting, front desk management and remote health applications with patient health tracking and monitoring.

Logistics and transportation: Using the latest server-side and client-side scripting technologies, the list of services cover inventory management system, transport management systems, logistics tracking & monitoring software, and fleet management software with appropriate regulatory compliance.

Construction: Platform development covers mobile development and web development for different projects in residential, service aggregation for agricultural and commercial projects. Key features are demand forecasting, inventory control, barcoding and scanning, field management, labour/team management and inspection/surveys.

Travel and hospitality: Our full-stack developers’ expertise in SaaS & PaaS based applications like travel portals & booking engines, hotel aggregators, vacation rentals and service aggregation. In addition to this, apps are integrated with CRM, hotel property management system, on-demand marketplace for ride-hailing services and car rental along with ride/service tracking and monitoring.

Foodtech and e-commerce: For the foodtech industry, apps cover features for restaurant ordering system, restaurant POS, menu optimization, delivery, on-demand marketplace for reservations/booking and more. Our full-stack developers have experience in building SaaS & PaaS based B2B trading platforms & B2C e-commerce websites, B2B app development, mobile marketplaces and e-commerce aggregators. Altogether, these platform applications provide time-saving search, location-specific browsing and online payments.

IoT, Big data and AI/ML: AI-powered mobile apps, chatbot and IoT applications for transportation, AI/ML, fitness, wearables apps. To begin with, we start with MVP development so that customers can get their products tested by real-time users and get valuable feedback.

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