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This includes various medical technologies for EHR development and integration, interoperability, rules based algorithms for decision pathways, clinical decision support, drug discoveries, clinical trials, nursing educational support, risk evaluation and research and development.


Postpartum Depression

A tool for Cognitive Behaviour therapy interventions resulted in significant reductions in depressive symptoms compared to control conditions in both treatment and prevention studies. It allows mothers going through postpartum depression to enroll and get access to a different module, which guides them in their journey.  These modules will contain licensed educational content, proprietary videos, and interactive user feedback for [...]

-    Helping mothers to recover from postpartum depression by providing clinically approved content. 
-    Multilingual (English and Spanish)
-    Module management 
-    Content creation and management 

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Fundus Digital Sketchpad and Information Management

The application consists of two parts, a digital sketchpad and data entry utility for iPad and iPhone and a backend application developed for doctors & researchers. The mobile application streamlines and accelerates the process of fundus drawing and note-taking through the inclusion of preloaded templates and pathological pictographs (referred to within the application as “glyphs”) that can be dragged and pasted into place, rotated, and [...]

  • Quickly draw with your finger, stylus, or Apple Pencil on compatible iPhones and iPads
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Ethiopia COVID tracer

Anonymous users get registered and the app uses BLE to scan the nearby users. It notifies user in case there is nearby any positive case in last 14 days. Ensuring safety of people in close proximities, major functionalities implemented:

The major objective of the app is contact tracing to prevent the community spread of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Scanning/ tracing of virus-positive case
  • Notifying people who potentially have come in contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 positive
  • Social distanci

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MIPS Preaudit Measure Platform

The system has been developed for a registry clearinghouse to collect clinical data from MIPS eligible clinicians (both individuals and groups) and submits it to CMS on their behalf for purposes of MIPS. Then pre-audits submitted data during the performance year and provides reports and notifications pro-actively to improve the MIPS score community. This application after collecting QRDA data (after [...]

  • MIPS performance analysis & CMS score
  • Real-time dashboard updates
  • Data validation for QRDA I and III files and parsing QRDA I XML file using HL7
  • Audit logs of files
  • Alerts for pending/overdue actions
  • Tie payments to quality and cost-efficie

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Revenue Cycle Management Automation

Revenue cycle management, in its most basic form, is the process by which healthcare professionals request, track, and collect revenue for services delivered to patients. Revenue cycle management is growing beyond the business office as medical billing becomes more sophisticated. The revenue cycle is becoming increasingly wide, taking into account both the clinical and operational aspects of patient treatment and...


Challenges Faced by Radiology Billing

Radiologists should be concerned about billing and collecting revenue in 2022, as well as operating more efficiently and complying with certain CMS initiatives. One source of concern is the "snail-like" communication that occurs between referring physicians and the radiology practise when orders and information are submitted via email on multiple computers. It is typically slow, and data can be lost...


How AI in EHR Revolutionizing the Healthcare System?

AI-powered EHR systems integrate seamlessly as well as provide solutions with a broad range of functionalities. Machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help in recording patients' medical experiences, organizing large EHR data banks for finding important documents, gauging patient satisfaction, and certain other tasks. Machine learning models coupled with natural language processing (NLP) can assist healthcare providers in...

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