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EHR development at smartData caters to the needs of multiple practices.


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Healthcare organizations at various levels are transitioning into the new electronic era by implementing electronic health record systems. By adopting medical practice management software, healthcare providers aim to increase effectiveness and efficiency in health care.

EHR development at smartData caters to the needs of multiple practices. We too have an in-house developed eHealth PMS/ clinical care solution which includes features for scheduling, billing, and claim processing. Following are the various specialties where our EHR developer provide consultancy:
  • Primary care
  • Autism
  • Rehab
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Chiropractic
  • Podiatrists
  • Dental
  • Obs/gynae
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Radiology
  • Wound Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Genomics
  • Ortho
  • Home health and Hospice
  • Dermatology
  • Acute Care
  • Chronic Care
  • Nursing Homes
These applications streamline the entire workflow and improve the quality of patient care, therefore, improving health outcomes. Saving the doctor-patient time, EMR software development at smartData meets the growing demands of the market. In addition to this, it improves administrative & inventory functions, enhances interoperability while ensuring compliances & certifications.EHR and EMR solutions: EHR developer at smartData have developed applications which help in easy accessibility of healthcare. These EHR applications consist of features like patient intake-demographics, vitals, progress notes, medical history, immunizations, and social history. Other added functionalities include eligibility checking, laboratory integration, pharmacy integration, claim processing, referrals.The EHR and EMR software developed by our EHR developer provides following benefits:
  • Patient Engagement/ Personalized Care: EHR and EMR software development at smartData provides a seamless experience to physicians. Thus saving the precious clinician-patient time. This helps in providing quality care and improves physician performance.
  • Population Health Management: 
Our EHR applications assists in organizing and analyzing a large amount of patient data. Therefore, helping in preventing potential health threats. These EHR applications help providers to identify the care gaps. And work with patients to manage specific risk factors and improve patient outcomes. Our EHR systems are equipped with analytics tools that help in population health management and delivering value-based care. These systems help in driving outcomes by bringing in data from various data sources and EHR system
  • Quality Care delivery:
 The EHR system developed by our EHR developer improves the efficiency of healthcare organizations and health disparities in population health. These systems facilitate benefits like hassle-free appointment booking, patient medical record management, claims submission and many more.
  • Interoperability: 
Our EMR software development services help in secure data exchange and enhances the provider access to patient records. In other words, it aides the industry transformation to value-based care. EHR system reduces fragmentation of data and increases continuity of care between providers thus helping in health information exchange. We have successfully integrated FHIR, HL7, CCDA, Mirth, DICOM, PACS in our EHR systems.
  • Revenue Cycle Management: 
Our EHR applications helps in revenue cycle management by automating revenue and reducing administrative overhead. These application enhances patient engagement, improve the patient financial experience by providing paperless billing, and denial management. Above all, it automates claims adjudication, claims follow-up, insurance verifications and streamlines pre-arrival.
smartData past EHR, EMR and PMS development accomplishments:
  • HIE/Interoperability: CCDA/HL7/FHIR, Smart on FHIR, DICOM, Lab integration, Mirth, 1up health.
  • PCMH Level3 EHR for primary care, certified by NCQA and moving towards ICSA certification.
  • MU2, MU3 certified EHR systems from Drummond, Complysys and many more.
  • Healthcare analytical engine to unlock unprecedented insights into population health care, readmissions, quality, and cost.
  • CDS, a cloud-enabled platform for research & clinical trials
  • Dragon speech recognition implementation for real-time provider notes, conversion from speech to text.
  • Outcome-based service using MACRA, MIPS, APM, and PQRS, QPM, CQM.
  • Care management system and waiting room solution.
  • Claim adjudication to check bundled payment eligibility of patient with potential bundled payment condition for particular episode.
  • Incorporated single flat file format based on NCPDP for retail pharmacy claims submission.
  • Implemented pre-registration process using EDI 270/271/235/237/277/276 and 3rd party APIs.
  • Implemented ICD 10, ICD 11 CPT, HCPCS,SNOMED, LOINC,NDC
  • EHR system with Telemedicine.

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