Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

The pandemic has been and continues to be a great learning experience for everyone around the globe. While we continue to battle the virus, it has without a doubt changed more than just our hobbies, lifestyle, and shopping habits. One of the major shifts caused by the pandemic is the customer experience. Spending time with family and friends has become a priority and thus a customer wants to spend minimal time yet gain maximum information before making a decision.

There has also been a major focus shift towards sustainability and clients chose businesses with similar idealism. The buyer behavior is no more just determined by the price and quality of the product but also by the individuals’ beliefs. The customer chooses a brand that aligns with their ethics and values. The onus is now on the businesses to meet the new customer expectations.

The last year has pushed the digital and physical world closer together and now it’s about meeting the customer where they are. The ease of buying flight tickets online to be able to try clothes through online shopping are ways through which the customer’s time is used efficiently. Ultimately, it’s the business’s responsibility to create this experience where the customer is put first, so the customer can spend time in the way they want.

smartData as a service organization thrives to reimagine the customer expectations and provide them with a new and improved customer experience. The change is happening quickly and will not stop for anyone and thus we need to change too. If we cannot keep up then we don’t only lose new customers but also risk losing the ones we already had.

Customers have become aware and are thinking differently, they don’t just want a product but an experience that is tailored to their expectations.

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