Designing, developing and managing employee fitness programs in workplace settings is one of our core competencies. Our expertise ensures that both our corporate health goals, as well as individual employee needs, are met.

smartData Mohali, January 2022

Republic Day Walkathon

Our way of celebrating Republic Day comes with a motive of fitness, healthy living & creating awareness among the youth. Fitness is paramount at smartData. smarTians never left a stone unturned and have joined at last 7km walkathon with our CEO who has completed a 21 km walkathon from Mohali.

smartData Mohali, December 2021

Super Sikh Run

Our CEO Mr. Ajay Tewari and fellow smarTians participated in the Bhag Chandigarh Bhag organized by Super Sikh Run in memory of Late Padma Shri awardee Indian track and field sprinter Milkha Singh. Our CEO challenged his limit and covered the fastest 5km in 29mins,10Km in 61mins and 21kms in 140mins.

smartData org wide , October 2021

Solang Skyultra The Hell Race

#smarTians in a series of fitness events have put their incredible mental fortitude and endurance to the test in Solang Himachal’s “The Hell Race”. 3 smarTians including our CEO Mr. Ajay Tewari have participated in the ever toughest race and successfully completed it with their undying spirit. Tough will is more strong than the tough ….

smartData Mohali, October 2021

Morni Hills Marathon

Organizations that promote a workplace fitness culture are more likely to have healthy and happy employees. Our smartCFG initiatives have inspired many smarTians to challenge their limits to maintain fitness. Our CEO, Mr. Ajay Tewari, and fellow smarTians participated in the Morni Hills 42.2Km marathon event to challenge themselves.

smartData Dehradun, September 2021

Chamasari Trek in Dehradun

Trekking and exploring bring in a new spark in one’s life. It teaches one to slow down, breathe and take in more of your surroundings, among other life lessons. Keeping in line with our smarTian spirit of learning through adventures, a 24 km trek to Chamasari was initiated by the Dehradun branch on CEO visit …

smartData Org-Wide, March 2021

Tuffman (March 2021)

Our CEO, Mr. Ajay Tewari and fellow smarTians participated in another Tuffman event to challenge themselves and discover their passion for running. Proving themselves and being an inspiration for our next generation, Mr. Ajay completed 135 km in a duration of 24 hrs while other smarTians tough on track and with high on josh have …

smartData Nagpur, March 2021

Fitness Walkathon

Being fit is having harmony with physical and mental well-being. It is very crucial to stay fit and keep your immune system strong to tackle the current uncertain health crisis. With a motive of fitness, healthy living & creating awareness among the youth, smarTians at Nagpur completed a 10 km walkathon from Fuji tower.

smartData Org-Wide, March 2021

Fitness Week Celebrated

Exercise is the natural treatment for encouraging positive thoughts which relieves tension & stress.smartData is promoting fitness and as a precursor, to the big TuffmanIndia event smartData had come up with the fitness practice of smarTians to prepare for the event.smarTians participated and enjoyed various fitness activity for physical health and enhancing well-being throughout the …

Pangarchulla Trek

A power packed thrilling summit climb, 12 smarTians climbing all the way till 15,069 ft, went over Pangarchulla trek marked as a difficult trek in the Himalayas.Surrounded by a 360 degree view of Hathi Parbat, Mana Mandir, Kamet, Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, Ghori Parbat and many more peaks that are steeped in mythology and mountaineering …

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