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In 2020, there are around 3.5 billion smartphone users, and most of the searches are done on mobile. To prioritize the mobile results and seamless mobile search experience, in March 2018 Google announced its much-awaiting update of mobile indexing. According to that in March 2021, Google will roll out mobile-first indexing for the whole web.

The important aspect of mobile indexing is that the first mobile index is not a separate index and Google has only one index from which the results are distributed. Ranking and indexing is not the same thing, but they are closely related. Indexing is how Google Bots and other web crawlers read your page, and how indexed content is judged. If the page can’t be properly indexed, it will affect your page ranking.

High page ranking and SEO optimization are more important nowadays. Mobile indexing is important for reaching more customers. Mobile devices mostly overtook desktops and Google will give its indexing preference to index mobile web pages first.

Checklist to assure if your website is all set for mobile-first indexing.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. You can use various online tools to perform a mobile-friendliness test. Check if your website is mobile-friendly with – Google mobile-friendly tools.

Mobile- responsiveness is one of the signals that inform the page experience algorithm. Most of the WordPress websites will have minimal consequences due to the Mobile- responsiveness feature. It means the same content will display on desktop and mobile. However, if you have different websites for mobile and desktop, you must check the mobile parity. It means your mobile website covers all bases your desktop site covers, with the same quality look and feel.

Is reading content from the mobile screen not tough? Yes, it is tough to read when the content is very long and in small font. It is very important to use whitespaces along with short sentences. People don’t enjoy scrolling long content on mobile. Compact paragraphs with appropriate images keep the interest of mobile website visitors. Do not forget to add an “img” tag and other alt-attributes for images on each mobile web page.

Mobile users want immediate access to information. They expect to load your mobile website in a fraction of seconds. Just think if your site doesn’t load quickly—or load at all. Speed and Uptime are prime factors.

Evaluate the mobile version of your website for the above issues so that users and Google won’t miss anything. You can also read Google’s guidelines on how to get your site ready for mobile-first indexing.

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