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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
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We understand our effect on the atmosphere and the importance of a safe and green environment in long-term sustainability. It has prompted the marketplace’s competitive environment to increase organizational performance and search out fresh and creative technologies.

smartData Mohali, April 2021

Organic and sustainable farming

Our Go-Green initiatives are efforts to combat pollution and towards maintaining the ecological balance. Inspiring people to plant trees, develop’s a culture of care towards the environment, and make them realize their inevitable dependence on nature. With this thought; Organic farming initiative has been taken to grow vegetables and fruits at our new facility KT.

Organic farming by office staff

We feel responsible for our neighborhood and want to make a positive impact on the world. Organic farming at our new facility in Mohali is a small initiative by our office staff during WFH in reducing the carbon footprint. Our drive has affected not only our environment, but has also influenced local communities and brought.

smartData Mohali, September 2019

Vertical Gardening

Another vertical gardening example where smarTians at Shivalik Tower followed the basic principles of container gardening using recycled bottles. Vertical gardening is used as a means to ensure that garden space is utilized to its max. potential. These are suspended on strings for easy maneuvering and provide security from temperature vacillations.

smartData Nagpur, September 2019

Plant for Planet

We embrace a clean environment with a belief in making the world a better place for the next generation. Such commitment is seen not only by our professionals but by our business customers as well. In a recent visit, our esteemed client contributed to preserving the planet by planting trees at our Nagpur branch along with other professionals.

smartData Nagpur, August 2019

Living Walls

Vertical garden system at our Fuji Tower, Nagpur branch is an impressive leap forward in growing of indoor plants. They clean air, increase oxygen levels, reduce stress and stave off illnesses. Wall garden constructed via used bottle waste not only control insects, impact the atmosphere but is a great way to recycle plastic waste.

smartData Nagpur, August 2019

Clean Surroundings

In this age of environmental concern, individuals are outwardly interested in healthy state of their surroundings. Our desire for a clean environment represents a powerful sense of destiny and hope for future. Promising themselves, smarTians joined hands in cleaning their office premises at Nagpur branch on the eve of our 73rd Independence Day.

smartData Mohali, August 2019

GoGreen Campaign

The motivation to “GoGreen” has not only increasingly become part of our CSR but an aspect of remaining relevant in future business environment. Promoting the effort to “GoGreen”, smarTian’s seeked innovative method of promoting eco-friendly environment by planting various medical and fruit bearing trees in our upcoming Kanchenjunga tower.

smartData Dehradun, June 2019

George Everest Community Cleaning

The spirit of trekking is incomplete without the love, respect and care for mountain environment. Our professionals during their one day hike to the Mount George Everest at Dehradun volunteered in collecting the non-biodegradable waste and other litter from the trail to the closest garbage system as a necessity in keeping the mountains 'swachh'.

smartData Mohali, April 2019

Car Pooling

Something as simple as carpooling to work can have a huge impact on the environment. Car-pooling by smarTians allows them to share the cost of gas and parking, save time but also eases traffic congestion and reduces greenhouse emissions. smarTians have been following this practice past many years and made it a great way to make friends too.

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Recent Portfolio Projects

On demand road side assistance

It is a roadside assistance application that connects customers in need of help with service providers and drivers. Customers will be able to select from a range of services such as flat-tire repair, out-of-gas, out-of-fuel, jump start, and towing. Questions will be asked to capture the customer's requirements and provide relevant service, suggestions, and cost. Customers can also contact vendors [...]

On demand road side assistance

Covid Contact Tracing

The major objective of this bilingual app is to prevent community spread of the virus. Anonymous users get registered and the app uses BLE to scan the nearby users. It notifies the user in case there is nearby any positive case in the last 14 days.

Covid Contact Tracing

Car rental marketplace

The proposed mobile app addresses the potential gap in the market for a specialized retail platform focused on electric vehicles, which could make it easier for consumers to find and purchase electric vehicles. It provides a comprehensive solution for buying, selling, and renting electric vehicles, with a focus on educating and encouraging consumers to make the switch to electric vehicles. [...]

Car rental marketplace

B2C eCommerce App

This cross-platform mobile application provides a good shopping experience to their users and enables them to browse and search for desired products by product name, category, or brands. Users will receive product recommendations based on ratings & shopping trends from web server via respective web services.

B2C eCommerce App


AltaBrio's coaching software is based on your needs, skills, recovery, races, and energy. Each session adjusts to empower you to meet your training and racing goals. It takes the guesswork out of training, racing, and learning each discipline by systematically walking with you through a proven process of form, strength, and training sessions used by the pros. It's not harder, just [...]


Social Network for Dating

The app is the social network for the horror community. You can make new connections - personally and professionally. Make new friends or find actors for your next film and stay up to date on the latest events, news, and reviews in one place.

Social Network for Dating
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