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Growth of Women smarTians at smartData

Great companies are never built on the foundation which lacks Values. smartData values are core to its operations – Accountability, Authenticity and Diversity. Each of these three values acts as the pillars of smartData operations around which business is carried out.
Diversity is one such value which helps smartData to conduct day to day operations in such a way that it has set an example for all. smartData has always been a company that believes in providing equal opportunity for all immaterial of any gender bias. In the last 20 years of operation, we have witnessed enormous counts of skilled & smart working women reaching top levels at smartData, including our very inspirational lady who is our VP today. Our Leadership team do comprise of some of the finest professional women in our industry. To name a few – Archana Pandey(VP – Operations)- 21 years, Sonia Dhamija(Director- BDG)- 14 years,Gurpreet Kaur (Director-.Net)-13 years, Surinder Kaur(Sr. Manager QA)-12 years. Their promising tenure, dedication and loyalty for the organization is an inspiration and example for the youngsters and new joinees across the organization. At smartData we give equal opportunity and platform to all deserving, irrespective of their genders. Each one has contributed to the growth of the organization and while also worked on self-growth & skill development.
smartData continues to give a feel of the family to all women here and they feel safe and sane with us. All our women employees support the system in all aspects and ensure to share their vision with others to be a part of their growth and the organisation growth.
We are always thankful to all our women smarTians for their dedication and support.

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