Focusing on preventive care, the wellness and fitness apps offer benefits to every participant throughout the continuum of care -- reducing dependencies on providers and giving patients greater control over their own health


Reproductive health and sexual wellness

A solution that emphasizes the importance of women's reproductive health and sexual wellbeing. The women don’t have access to quality reproductive healthcare due to some factors like economic, social, sociology-economic, place, sexual status, etc. It helps them by providing features such as a Forum system where users can share their experiences.

  • It can be used by OBSGYN practitioners in case their patient belongs to some remote areas etc.
  • Forum System, Blogs, Q/A by physicians of Harvard
  • Helps in guiding and providing information about the reproductive and sexual health of women.
  • It provides information regarding sexual and reproductive health through blogs and Q/A.
  • It also has auto-l ....

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AI powered Mindfulness App

A conversational interface that provides mindfulness techniques using AI (artificial intelligence) to create a journey of self-discovery and provides guidance to improve life quality. The app is a life coach that focuses on improving the emotional intelligence (EI) of its users. It captures the reaction of a user to life stressors and guides a user to improve self-care through evidence-based [...]

  • The application gets to know your strengths and help identify ways to manage the stress that works for you.
  • It measures resilience and tracks progress by looking for signs of anxiety and depression.
  • Daily sessions to increase self-awareness and remind you of what you already know.
  • Add positive affirmations and maintain a journal to follow your own progre ....

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Postnatal Counseling App

Application is specifically created for mothers as they don't have time to check their calorie count, hormonal imbalance, or exercise for hours. It is a holistic program to transform the mental and physical health and bodies of mums and their families.  It encourages mothers to stay fit and follow the correct schedule to get back to their routine life easily. [...]

  • Lifestyle section
  • Daily positive affirmations
  • Weekly meals and shopping lists
  • Manage private recipes & ingredients
  • Calendar - daily notes & journaling (emotions, gratitude, stress management)
  • Tracking feature - Menstrual, workout, Meals, Sleep, Water, Stress level
  • Personalized meal & workout plans, track calor ....

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SaaS based Wellness Platform

It is a SaaS-based platform for corporate clients that helps in creating a corporate wellness program or complement an existing one. This platform acknowledges the existing challenges and issues and helps in creating employee-centered wellness plans that are more engaging and rewarding to employees. It promotes corporate community wellness by challenging employees to earn reward points. By utilizing the wearable [...]

  • Corporate accounts as reward partners
  • Encouraging users to stay motivated
  • Customized challenges, Leaderboard, and RewardsWearable connectivity & real-time tracking
  • Healthy competition for self and with others
  • In-app marketplace with reward partners to enable employees to redeem exclusive offers with their earned tokens
  • Data Priv ....

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Rise of Femtech- The Next Big Thing in Healthcare

Femtech is a female technology that includes software development, diagnostics, products, and services that mainly focus on female health and related issues. Femtech has historically been segmented into four main categories: reproductive health (including menstrual & fertility solutions), pregnancy & nursing care, pelvic & uterine healthcare, general healthcare, and wellness. Femtech is becoming the new favorite tool for employers. As...


AI in Dentistry

AI has revolutionized the healthcare industry and experienced tremendous growth across the sector in the past two decades. When compared to dentistry medicine and dentistry, AI has the capabilities to revolutionize the sector by identification of structures, diagnosis of diseases, and prediction of treatment outcomes. AI, a branch of computer science learns specific patterns by teaching the program to take...


Benefits of Fitness Apps

It may seem a little weird to believe that a smartphone app can change your life by assisting you in improving your health, but once you check it out for yourself, you will discover that the benefits are real. We may use the applications to set objectives and make lifestyle changes. "Today, we're excited to share with you the advantages...

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