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Patient Monitoring

To provide value based care, our real time data monitoring apps provide clinical insights and meaningful inferences for analytics. We have developed applications such as lifestyle apps, medication adherence apps, telemedicine apps, Wearable integrated apps etc.

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a pivotal factor in empowering patients & offering improved care services. Utilization of efficient Electronic Health Record (EHR) & Practice Management System (PMS) is transforming the healthcare organizations in delivering quality care.

Digital Services & Health Insurance

Digital services are playing a pivotal role in providing access to healthcare. Our software solutions are helping this by simplifying the complexities of the insurance sector and reducing the costs associated with it.

Standard Healthcare Web Services

Virtual health

With the power to transform the future of healthcare, telemedicine is leveraging technologies in promoting efficient remote monitoring with apps featuring online consultation and medical device integration.


For the seamless exchange of health data, we have successfully integrated FHIR, HL7, CCDA, Mirth, DICOM, and PACS in our applications along with integration to EHRs like Epic, Cerner, and eClinical works.

Wellness Applications

To own a healthy lifestyle and promote good health, wellness applications are playing a pivotal role. We have developed applications for diet & nutrition, meditation, medication adherence, women & sexual health.

Clinic Management System

Manage all the integrated activities running in your healthcare facility. Get customized solutions for EMR, medical billing, employee management, payroll management, inventory management and financial practices.

Data Analytics

Get solutions for Big Data management to discover, interpret and communicate meaningful patterns of data for efficient decision making in healthcare through EHR integrations, BI dashboards, data storage and predictive analytics.

Health Insurance

Comprehensive health insurance software solutions for all the stakeholders that cover all public and private insurance plans resulting in lower costs of operation, increased efficiency, and better client coverage.

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HEDIS analytics platform

HEDIS analytics platform integrates consumer, clinical, provider and payer data into actionable information that healthcare stakeholders can readily use to improve the health of their patients and populations.

Video Consultation Platform

Telehealth platform providing online secure video consultation for behavioral healthcare patients and group video consultation to doctors.

Ambulatory Patient PMS

A Practice Management Solution for Medical Centers that performs the role of the health record management system for ambulatory patients.

Homecare Managing ADL Services

The application caters to private homecare agencies and provides a cloud solution for complete client management from scheduling, service planning, and medication management.

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