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For a growing business developing systematic and effective ways of gathering leads to increase sales has become a very important aspect for measuring success. To achieve all this in a simpler way we have Salesforce.

smartData has a team of certified Salesforce experts providing cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) support to be used in various fields that might be sales, marketing, service, customer management, training or application integration.

Helping you gain more insights of your customers and business, here are some fields that we have expertise in:

  • Wave/Einstein Analytics (Report & Dashboards) - a cloud-based platform for connecting data from multiple sources, creating interactive views of that data, and sharing those views in dashboards.
  • Salesforce Integration- a typical enterprise uses many applications, many or most of which are not designed to work with one another out of the box. Integrating separate but related apps helps organizations achieve greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency, and quality.
    • OAuth 2.0 protocol to authenticate, provide Single Sign-On and acquire access tokens for use with Salesforce APIs.
    • ProductAPI to create products and then add them to the network.
  • Data Migration (Import/Export) - the process of transporting data between computers, storage devices or formats.
    • All customizations like record duplications, splitting documents/records, header corrections, mapping of elements, logging errors into Salesforce & SFTP etc. are implemented successfully.
    • Parallel processing to handle success and failure records.
    • Access data from multiple sources, such as, salesforce objects, CSV files, and external database system using connectors.
  • Salesforce Automation Tools- multiple tools for automating the repetitive business processes in an organization, making the efforts more efficient. The automation tools are:
    • Approval Process
    • Workflows
    • Process Builder
    • Flows
  • Batch Apex on Lightning Platform- employ batch Apex to build complex, long-running processes that run on thousands of records on the Lightning Platform. Batch Apex operates over small batches of records, covering your entire record set and breaking the processing down to manageable chunks.
  • Testing is the integrated part of Apex or any other application development. In Apex, we have separate test classes to develop for all the unit testing.
  • If you’ve investigated Salesforce Automation options and they just can’t do what you need them to do, check out Triggers. They allow for loops and complex logic and allow you to take almost any action that Salesforce is capable of taking.

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