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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

In an increasingly virtual world, real estate may appear to be the only concrete thing remaining, but it, too, is being taken over by artificial intelligence. As most of the data has been kept public from land records to title documents, purchase price and even mortgage liens and even home owner’s details, which AI algorithms are increasingly using to understand the pattern, predict and analyze the future outcomes, and ultimately revolutionize the entire real estate infrastructure.

Come let’s see how AI and ML are changing real estate:

Property price forecasting

AI may be used to estimate the market value of a property and forecast its future price trajectory. To arrive at the ideal pricing approach, ML algorithms, for example, blend current market data with public information such as mobility metrics, crime rates, schools, and purchase tendencies.

Property evaluation and recommendations

AI-powered software boosts a company’s ability to give clients accurate and comprehensive information about a property.

Customers are recommended properties based on the conversational data parsed by the algorithms.

Virtual tours

Virtual tours are the most current technology advancement in the real estate industry. Customers can follow 3D views of the property online through virtual tours and virtual reality. This is especially useful for properties in remote locations or those that are still under construction. Virtual tours with zoom in, panorama, and spoken notes capabilities are a simple and cost-effective way to conduct landlord-tenant meetings.

We at smartData have worked with the real-estate industry in all forms, from real-estate marketplaces, mortgage and investing platforms to real estate document sharing platforms and various forms of artificial intelligence from automatic match-making, price prediction, risk prediction, recommendation engine, and many more. Our capabilities have helped businesses achieve an edge over what the current market is doing

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