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SEO is what all website owners do to rank higher in the search engines. Your goal of creating brand awareness highly depends on a strong SEO strategy. Link building is a proven method for the health and rank of the websites. However, there is always a debate on the importance of link building in the SEO world. The combination of link building and brand awareness can include in your Content Marketing strategy and your Digital PR efforts can make the most of it.

Now the question arises how can you earn the quality backlinks by creating high quality content. Did you notice websites with high quality content and backlinks rank on the top? And if the answer is yes, then how do they get high quality backlinks from the most trusted sites? Readers only read the content which is read-worthy and answers their questions and hence increases organic traffic.

Link Building is completely reliant on producing great content. Most people find it difficult to acquire links from high PR sites. It is because they do not follow the 90/10 rule of link building. According to the 90/10 rule creating great content should be your priority. Almost 90% of your Content Marketing strategy should focus on producing great content and the rest 10 % is for building links.

While creating good quality content you should focus on the interest of the readers. The key mantra is the content is all about the audience. Firstly do the audience search, keyword research, and then topic research of your niche. When it comes to readability, it should be incredible. Readability should possess qualities like simplicity, clarity, logic, and organization. Dig deeper and farther to explain the chosen topic. Add visual effects to enhance the quality of the content. When your content is noteworthy and users stay longer, eventually it will help your Google ranking.

Now when you have high quality content, positioning and linking your incredible content is the next step. Linking your content to similar sites increases your website relevancy and value.

PR is an integral aspect of building a digital identity and one of the most successful strategies for generating sustainable brand visibility within the business. The objective of Digital PR is similar to Content Marketing to increase the online visibility of the brands. It helps you to enhance your DA (Domain Authority) and brand authority.

Digital PR gains high quality coverage from online publications and websites. Publishing content on high-authority websites and acquiring backlinks to your website helps boost rankings for targeted keywords. A Digital PR strategy would undoubtedly be more successful, if it is engaging to the media, have a clear link to your business. It will also help you to achieve your wider SEO goals smartData Enterprises have dedicated Digital marketing team to serve your web promotion and marketing needs. Contact us for free Digital marketing consultation

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