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Idea behind IoT is monitoring every single trackable data to help the patients manage better their risk factors and chronic conditions/treatments and stay fit.

IoT domains touched in healthcare includes:

Vital Signs measurement/ remote tracking: Glucometers, blood pressure cuffs and other devices to collect data and statistics on vital signs of patients in a more automated fashion.

Motion tracking: Integrating activity trackers with app to count steps,running pace and distance.

Sleep tracking: Smart Smart pillow to track heart rate, motion and breathing.

Realtime environmental monitoring: Integrating IoT devices to check room temperature, pressure, humidity, air pollution, lighting, oxygen levels and give recommendations for a healthier living.

Geographical tracking: Track a patient’s location during need of emergency care.

Some of our recent accomplishments are:

  • Smart Pillow: Tracks your sleep, wakes you with light, streams your favourite music, and reinvents the alarm clock.
  • Remote Exam App: Patient Vitals with integrated Stethoscope, weighing scale, BP monitor, thermometer, oximeter devices.

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