Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

For organizations to remain competitive and successful, it is strongly believed that they need to hire RightTalent and retain their top talent. And to do so, they must foster meritocracies — recruiting, rewarding, and promoting the best people, based on their merit.

Merit-based culture drives high performance and same culture is inculcated at smartData. It begins with valuing diverse ideas. Every smarTian has given the privilege to express their ideas, and they are urged to share them transparently and regularly. Those ideas are listened to, and decisions are then made based on those that are regarded as the best.

There are a number of systems in place to encourage talent to perform their best in all departments and at all levels. Systems include:

  • Empowering leadership:

    Our leaders are equipped with the RightTechnique and tools which in turn helps them to empower their team mates by delegating authority and decision-making, sharing information, and asking for their input.

  • Encouraging a culture of listening:

    Our great leadership is not about having great ideas; it is about ensuring the best ideas emerge. We have set the tone of the workplace to encourage an environment that promotes listening and sharing.

  • Rewards and recognition are proportional to merit:

    We have rewards and recognition programs that include Best Developer trophies in MS and Non-MS group which are regarded based on the performance of an individual. This recognition scheme has helped us to acknowledge the merit and motivate our employees and align them with a common goal.

  • Paying Proportionate to Contribution:

    Timely bonuses and out of turn appraisal system are often rewarded to our smarTians based on their outstanding project work or high-quality work performances in their respective departments.

  • Contribution Driven Career Progression:

    We recognize the contribution for what it is, and not confuse with the tenure. High performers with out of box thinking are always acknowledged and have faster career progression. They become an important part of our next level of leadership which includes Basecamp and SLG community that totally based on meritocracy.

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