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How the healthcare industry is leveraging the cloud for improving patient and provider experience
Posted By: smartData April 3, 2023

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving with its innovative trends, and one of the biggest drivers of this change is the adoption of cloud technology. The cloud plays a foundational role to revolutionize healthcare by improving the patient and provider experience, reducing costs, and enhancing security. Many healthcare organizations are now looking to the cloud …

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How to Collaborate and Build Applications with Azure DevOps
Posted By: smartData March 30, 2023

In this competitive world, businesses are evolving their insights and going through rapid market challenges across industries. They need to deliver products and services at high speed to stay competitive which is a challenging task to cope with the real-time scenarios. The key motive of DevOps is to break the boundaries between operation and development …

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How Cloud Computing is the Age of Continuous Disruption
Posted By: smartData March 29, 2023

With the present online mode of functioning, we cannot imagine our lives without the services that the cloud offers. Due to market uncertainty, Organizations have struggled with scaling and inefficient performance. This will directly affect the functioning of the hardware infrastructure and future outcomes. To grow your business appropriately, cloud computing has the potential to …

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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Healthcare Ecosystem
Posted By: smartData March 27, 2023

Does the trending invention i.e Artificial intelligence (AI) transform the way the healthcare industry look in the previous time? Well, it gradually transforming different industries worldwide as we discover great use cases of this technology. AI in healthcare refers to the use of certain algorithms designed to enhance human cognition and perform tasks in an …

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International Women’s Day Celebration In smartData : Embrace Equity
Posted By: smartData March 27, 2023

Women’s day is dedicated to recognising the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It brings people of all genders together in the spirit of unity and solidarity, to support and advocate for the advancement of women’s rights. This year, smartData celebrated Women’s Day with renewed energy and enthusiasm. All the lovely ladies dressed …

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How RPA Transforms Supply Chain Business
Posted By: smartData March 24, 2023

In this new era, robotics and robotic process automation are new inventions on the block. Over the years, enterprises invested a lot of money to build their supply chain processes and infrastructure better. With time, they embraced new techniques to make an advanced supply chain management system but still, data integration and automation became a …

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How the Cloud Redefine Supply Chain Innovation
Posted By: smartData March 23, 2023

Is it essential to implement cloud-centred technology in supply chain management? Let’s gather more data about the new invention cloud and how it transforms the approach of businesses and organizations more smoothly. Today, the supply chain has become a great asset for small businesses to complex enterprises to increase productivity. The Covid-19 pandemic taught the …

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HIMSS 2023: Predicting the Future of Healthcare
Posted By: smartData March 9, 2023

HIMSS is back. It’s that time of the year to go full steam ahead with outstanding trends and technologies in the healthcare industry. The most highly anticipated event of the year that brings together healthcare professionals, IT specialists, executives, and vendors to showcase the latest trends, products, and services. smartData once again looks forward to …

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Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 Barcelona
Posted By: smartData February 27, 2023

It’s that time of the year again as MWC is back in full force with its prominent trends and technologies in the mobile and telecom industry. This is the biggest and most overwhelming event where tech enthusiasts all over the world connect and share their innovative achievements. smartData looks forward to once again taking a …

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Republic Day Celebration in smartData : A Mesmerising Moment
Posted By: smartData February 23, 2023

An occasion very close to the heart of every Indian. The Day 26th of January was the most remarkable day in history which was achieved after a long struggle and endeavor. Once again, smarTians with full enthusiasm sponsored this special day as a memory for every employee to recapture the past memories of our freedom …

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