Lockdown brought smarTians face to face with the unknown. The way operations have continued for over 100 days is a testimony to precise planning, continuous monitoring, and exemplary hard work and dedication towards work and the associated livelihood. Video conferencing has helped. The water cooler talks have been replaced with virtual settings. There have been numerous talk sessions and video conferences for the last three months. The calls have been both formal settings to discuss work and informal off work conversations. This has been a great way of conversing with people and knowing how they are doing in these heightened state of anxiety due to pandemic & offering help and support and solace in any way possible. Some of the continued efforts by the different group which requires mention are given below :-

smartData Mohali, December 2022

Platform Client Visit at Mohali

Visits from clients to smartData Enterprises are immersive experiences that include in-depth discussions about the projects. Our platform client visit Mohali headquarter to establish a plan for the project’s future roadmap. Client interaction with the whole team was to get insights into the project development milestone and to make them understand the entire business system.

smartData Mohali, December 2022

CSR Contribution to Chandigarh Spinal Rehab

smart CFG is our motto to help the community in different ways, and we always put our best foot forward to make society a better place for everyone to live. To contribute to the cause of social revolution, helping NGO Chandigarh Spinal Rehab that provides holistic rehabilitation services to spinal cord injured patients.

smartData Mohali, December 2022

Vedanta Pink City Half Marathon

One of the core mantras at smartData is Work Hard PlayHarder. Fostering the philosophy of work-life balance, Our CEO and 5 smarTians successfully completed a half marathon Vedanta pink city half marathon is just one of several fitness challenges that smarTians have participated in to test their extraordinary mental fortitude and endurance.

smartData Mohali, December 2022

Dehradun Branch Visit

Inter branch visits are most common across Mohali, Nagpur and Dehradun branches. These visits not only increases collaboration and interactivity but has enhanced interaction and communication between the branches allowing for a smoother process flow and quick delivery with amplified quality services.

smartData Mohali, December 2022

Panel Discussion on Corporate Wellness

Employee fitness is paramount at smartData, and we are committed to it through our CFG initiatives. Our CEO/Co-Founder of smartData Enterprises, as a title sponsor and an expert on employee wellness, presided over a panel discussion on corporate wellness at TiEChandigarhs on the occasion of the smartDataTieChandigarhCricket League’s success party.

smartData Mohali, December 2022

Tuffman Goa Beach Ultra And Half Marathon

Our CEO, Mr. Ajay Tewari and fellow smarTians participated in Tuffman – India’s Premier Endurance sports platform where people physically challenge themselves to the extreme while discovering their tough souls. 5 #smarTians participated & successfully completed the Tuffman Goa Beach Ultra And Half Marathon run . An initiative towards our CFG mantra to promote fitness …

smartData Mohali, December 2022

Presentation by Mohali sDirects

Training and development is the main agenda to polish sDirect skills and prepare them to deal with the real IT world challenges. It is also essential to evaluate how they are grasping the knowledge. Public speaking boosts confidence and to incorporate soft skills. Presentation given by sDirects of Mohali on Microservices.

smartData Mohali, December 2022

CEO Training Session to sDirects

Our business leaders are well aware of the benefits of productive working relationships, and they never pass up an opportunity to contact more closely with new entrants sDirects. Deep dive session on industry needs conducted by our CEO to improve competencies, and skills of sDirects to incorporate the right attitude and knowledge to prepare them …

smartData Dehradun, December 2022

Happy Moments at Dehradun

Life events bring us together, draw us together, and bind us as humans. These significant moments bring us together and bring us joy as we celebrate with one another. Every individual is significant, and we ensure that their special day is captured and celebrated with greater enthusiasm and spirit by all smarTians in all locations.

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smartData Diwali Celebration 2022: Festival of Lights

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23rd Anniversary of smartData

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Cricket Fever-smartData Premier League 

Work Hard Play Harder Every year at smartData when SPL (smartData Premier League) is announced, smarTians and their families gear up to participate. This year’s SPL was finally geared up again as a 2-year ban by the severe Covid pandemic.  We were all able to dress up in our jerseys and show our spirit as a smarTian team. Now it's...

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