Lockdown brought smarTians face to face with the unknown. The way operations have continued for over 100 days is a testimony to precise planning, continuous monitoring, and exemplary hard work and dedication towards work and the associated livelihood. Video conferencing has helped. The water cooler talks have been replaced with virtual settings. There have been numerous talk sessions and video conferences for the last three months. The calls have been both formal settings to discuss work and informal off work conversations. This has been a great way of conversing with people and knowing how they are doing in these heightened state of anxiety due to pandemic & offering help and support and solace in any way possible. Some of the continued efforts by the different group which requires mention are given below :-

smartData Mohali, September 2022

UK Visit Experience Sharing Session

We ensure CustomerCentricity through overseas travels. Following a successful tour to the UK, our CEO Mr. Ajay Tewari led a session on sharing the current needs of the industry and client demands as a result of post-pandemic ever-evolving technologies. Deep dive session on industry needs to improve competencies, and skills of smarTians to enhance the …

smartData Mohali, September 2022

Welcome Mohali sDirect 2022

smartData recruits fresh engineering grads and postgrads to work as industry interns. This year’s new sDirect 2022 batch is no less than one possessing exceptional talent in them aspiring to be our next generation ambassadors. We welcome you all on joining our team at headquarters Mohali.

smartData Mohali, September 2022

SPL -13 Success Party

The long awaited SPL-13 party was organised to celebrate the successful completion of the event after a long pause of 2 years. After 43 days of arduous competition among the 5 teams where sD Royals scaled being the best of all; To thanks all the SPL team participants and organizing committee, a lavish bash was …

smartData Dehradun, August 2022

Table Tennis Tournament at Dehradun

High levels of employee engagement promote retention of talent, foster employee loyalty. A culture that encourages wellness among employees helps job satisfaction, reduce stress & enhance productivity.“Table Tennis Tournament” held at Dehradun branch. A month long table tennis tournament where the champions were honored with trophies.

smartData Nagpur, August 2022

Table Tennis Tournament at Nagpur

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Supporting activities at work boosts creativity, productivity and enhances social interaction; but being outdoors in the pounding heat can be draining, and so a high-spirited indoor event – “Table Tennis Tournament” is initiated at Nagpur during the summers to continue follow our fitness mantra “Work Hard Play Harder”.

smartData -Org Wide, August 2022

76th Independence Day Celebrations

Our way of celebrating Independence day comes with a motive of fitness, healthy living & creating awareness among the youth. 5Km Walkathon conducted by smarTians of Nagpur branch.75 Km trek from Dubri Goan near Maldevta initiated by our CEO with fellow smarTians Dehradun to – Surkanda Mata Mandir via Kaddukhal. Tiranga bike rally of 75Km …

smartData -Org Wide, August 2022

Ramp Walk Contest

High levels of employee engagement promote retention of talent, foster customer loyalty & improve organizational performance. Ramp walk competition has been organized for smarTians to showcase their internal talent and passion. Such activities enhances the team spirit and helps in maintain the work life balance. smarTians participated with zeal and enthusiasm in freedom week celebration …

smartData -Org Wide, August 2022

Best Dressed Competition

Freedom week celebration was a a week long fest for smarTians to get the break from their routine work. Various activities have been organised to polish their inner traits. On the theme of Independence day, best dressed male and female contest conducted across all branches. Dressed up in Tricolor attires #smarTians have weaved the patriotic …

smartData -Org Wide, August 2022

Drawing Competition

Employee engagement activities give a platform to polish their internal traits. In the drawing, painting competition. smarTians have expressed their patriotic feelings on the canvas during freedom week celebration across all branches of smartData Enterprises. Winners have got the prize for their wonderful creation on the theme of Independence day.

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Ocean of Opportunities for smarTians to Relax and Distress while working in smartData

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax” Mark Black. This is such an inspiring yet simple quote! Stress up to a level is not bad at all as it pushes the person to discover the real limit which ultimately helps him to achieve the desired results. But as the excess is dangerous to everything, the same for...


Laugh Out Loud- Because you Deserve it

Today in the spirit of April fool day thought it would be relevant to talk about importance of humour in our day to day life. Sometime in the obstacle course of life every little stress and challenge feels like it means a world, for eg we miss our bus, a weird charge shows up on our phone bill, our boss...


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Today, every woman worldwide is striving hard to create a long–term, balanced future, and have equal rights and opportunities available. It is seen that when an organization empowers women in the workplace, they allow them to have more control over their careers. By investing in training, mentoring, equality programs, and promotion into senior-level positions, the organization ensures career growth, essential...

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