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Lockdown brought smarTians face to face with the unknown. The way operations have continued for over 300 days is a testimony to precise planning, continuous monitoring, and exemplary hard work and dedication towards work and the associated livelihood. Video conferencing has helped. The water cooler talks have been replaced with virtual settings. There have been numerous talk sessions and video conferences for the last three months. The calls have been both formal settings to discuss work and informal off work conversations. This has been a great way of conversing with people and knowing how they are doing in these heightened state of anxiety due to pandemic & offering help and support and solace in any way possible. Some of the continued efforts by the different group which requires mention are given below :-

smartData Org-Wide, January 2022

    Lohri Celebration

    Lohri, a celebration with smarTians is commemorated every year on 13th January with utmost enthusiasm. This energizing event was commended with extreme respect, gladness and loftiness beginning with customs and further with a small bonfire, a social affair, and music where smarTians danced their heart out.

    smartData Mohali, January 2022

      Healthcare Client Visit

      Client visits at smartData are immersing experience with deep dive sessions not just on the projects but overall business echo system. The team working with the client has gathered from all branches to discuss the multiple projects running and prioritize the upcoming tasks.

      smartData Mohali, January 2022

        Branch Review Meeting

        Technological and cultural shifts are reshaping work, the workforce, and the workplace. Our smarTian executives gathered for an annual meet to discuss the next generation design concepts and technology to foster higher levels of engagement, collaboration, creativity, future ideas, goals, and objectives at the branch head office.

        smartData -Org Wide, December 2021

          Christmas Celebrations

          Christmas is the day that holds all time together and in every smarTian’s heart, it’s all about enjoying among all with lots of fun, music, and surprise. This year too, the day was made special by smarTian’s where everyone presented gifts to one another in a secretive manner and also enjoyed dancing & twirling on songs with Santa Claus.

          smartData Mohali, December 2021

            Appreciation on Completing 15 Years

            smarTians are essential part of our organization’s journey and success . We are eternally grateful for the dedication and passion shown by the smarTians.Token of appreciation given to smarTians on completing 15 years at smartData. Such appreciations impacts overall in terms of leadership, effective communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal collaboration.

            smartData Mohali, December 2021

              Mohali Branch Visit

              Inter-organizational visits are a fantastic way of knowing what a functional day involves. Team meetings, client calls, observing deliveries closely, monitoring processes, effective workflow, understanding theoretical and practical implications while promulgating knowledge transfer are some of the important factors included.

              smartData Mohali, December 2021

                Rewards & Recognition

                Employees are most inspired when a leader takes the time to know them, appreciate them & acknowledge that their hard work makes a difference. It inspires positive change in the workplace along with BigCollaboration. smartData has appreciated its employees with rewards & recognition for performing exceptionally well.

                smartData Org-Wide, December 2021

                  Recognition as Top Leader by CEO Insights Magazine

                  Mr. Ajay Tewari, our CEO, has been recognized as a top leader by CEO insights magazine twice in the last three years for his unwavering commitment and commendable contributions to the IT business. He has selflessly and dedicatedly taught a wealth of knowledge to each team member who has benefited from it.

                  smartData Mohali, December 2021

                    Super Sikh Run

                    Our CEO Mr. Ajay Tewari and fellow smarTians participated in the Bhag Chandigarh Bhag organized by Super Sikh Run in memory of Late Padma Shri awardee Indian track and field sprinter Milkha Singh. Our CEO challenged his limit and covered the fastest 5km in 29mins,10Km in 61mins and 21kms in 140mins.

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