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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

We help customers with software for managing first and last-mile delivery routes and on-site services. It is used in the field of transport, maintenance and home healthcare. The software applications automatically integrate transport orders from multiple channels (freight exchange, eCommerce sites and more), plans/optimizes routes and enables the tracking of deliveries for the end-customers.


Courier Quote Delivery and Tracking App

It is an on-demand courier delivery app that enables ultra-fast shipping of documents, parcel and other items within the city.  App allows customers to get quote for courier delivery and drivers deliver the orders at the destination. App has a complete quote generation module where customers are required to enter the details of the parcel they want to deliver (size, [...]

Key modules are:

  • Customer onboarding and dashboard 
  • Quotation module 
  • Courier person onboarding and dashboard 
  • Order accept/decline module 
  • Order management 
  • Ratings and reviews 
  • Admin dashboard 
  • Payment module - Stripe payment gateway 
  • Live tracking

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Containers Dispatch Management System

It is a web-based solution for intermodal trucking companies to reduce their operational cost and increase productivity by expense tracking, streamlining & automating routine workflows, and sound decision making through centralized access to the workforce, fleet, and shipment related information. The most challenging part of the solution is the online container (20ft, 40ft) tracing & tracking via EDI to overcome [...]

  • Statistical and analytical dashboard - providing deep level business insights & alerts on total revenues, workforce utilization, average shipment time, fleet maintenance
  • Driver management and scheduling
  • Managing trucks and maintenance
  • Order and shipment management with color-coding
  • Expense management as per-diem and demurrage rates &a

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Limo Taxi Application

The objective of this application is to track Limo drivers and send them jobs and align them according to trips. In this application, we have two types of users “Affiliate” and “Driver”. Both types of users will have the jobs(trips) which they can Accept/Reject and perform that particular job. When Driver/Affiliate signs up in the application they need to choose [...]

  • Trip Alignment: The admin will align the trips for their drivers based on their availability, whether they are On Duty/Off Duty.
  • Trip Acceptance: Driver/Affiliate will accept/reject the trip.
  • CheckIn: Driver/Affiliate will CheckIn the first aligned trip for the day.
  • Circling: Circling option will become available once the user on the route and looki

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Marine Shipping Port Management

A shipping domain application used by shipping agencies to provide the services on port at the time of arrival/departure of shipment. The main functionality of this application is to create port calls, maintain a log of all the activities performed on the port and generate SOF reports to charge the customer.


  • Overall administration
  • ExtensivePort Call Management(Call Detail, Proforma, Port Activity Log, Arrival Sail Detail, Package & Crew)
  • Reports(SOF, Arrival, Departure & Daily updates etc.)
  • Integration with PAS(Principal  Accounting System)
  • Productivity Manager
  • Advanced Crew Management
  • Port Infor

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