smartData is a contract software integrator's & consulting organization in global software business space

When it comes to business consulting and technology integrations making business easier, accessible, secure and meaningful for its target segment of startups to small & medium enterprises.

We are expertise in

8000+ applications delivered for diverse industries like Logistics, Transport, Healthcare, Consumer Tech, Digital Services & Online Delivery Apps and Smart Utilities etc. Popular frameworks and latest versions of





This extends to other progressive frameworks




Key benefits of using JavaScript frameworks

End-to-end development processes based on JavaScript language make Angular & React widely used to create scalable and interactive front-end

NodeJS helps in building high-performance and real-time applications using web sockets

The simpler, yet robust structure of MEARN stack delivers a well-ordered mechanism for the transformation of data along with DevOps

Continuous rollout of enhancements ensuring high availability and maintaining scalability.

Better performance, secured, code reusability & SPA (Single Page Application)

Extensive library, open-source support, NoSQL & JSON data format

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