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React js

Facebook created React.js was created in 2011 by Facebook. In 2012 Instagram also started using it. In 2013 React.js was made open sourced. Today, React.js is used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Why Should One Use React?
React is Flexible as can be used on a vast variety of platforms to build quality user interfaces. Its library approach has allowed React to evolve into such a remarkable tool.


Once you generate a static site with React using tools like Gatsby. This can be used by React Native to build mobile apps. You can even create Desktop applications using a tool like Electron, which can run on mac and windows with React.js technology.

"Learn React Once and Write Everywhere" -

"The main advantage of using a Library over a Framework, is its lightweight and freedom to choose different tools.

  • React Has a Great Developer Experience
  • React Has Facebook's Support/Resources
  • React Has Broader Community Support, Too
  • React Has Great Performance

Angular JS

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework created by Google. It has the potential to make all kinds of front-end development easy. AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It allow you to use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly and succinctly.

The main purpose of AngularJS is to elongate web applications with MVC (Model–view–controller) capability. This is a client-side JavaScript MVC/MVVM framework that is fully extensible, with no library dependencies and works great with other libraries.

Reasons To Choose AngularJS For Web Development

  • Support of Google
  • Simple MVC Architecture
  • Support for Single-Page Applications
  • High-End Productivity

Node js

Node.js is actually not a framework or a library, but a runtime environment, based on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.

In traditional web-serving techniques each connection (request) spawns a new thread, taking up system RAM and eventually maxing-out at the amount of RAM available, Node.js operates on a single-thread, using non-blocking I/O calls, allowing asynchronously programming, which is very memory efficient.


Node helps in building fast, scalable network applications, as it's capable of handling a huge number of simultaneous connections with high throughput, which equates to high scalability.

The Benefits of Node.js

  • Robust technology stack
  • Fast-processing and event-based model
  • Scalable technology for microservices
  • Rich ecosystem
  • Seamless JSON support

Drawbacks of Node.js

  • Performance bottlenecks with heavy computation tasks
  • Callback hell issue
  • Growing demand for experienced professionals

Vue js

Reasons Why to Choose Vue.js for Web UI Development


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Recent Portfolio Projects

Healthcare Insurance screening 

Healthcare Insurance screening platform for both insurance provider and healthcare provider to screen members registered with insurance provider and do health screening. - Insurance provider will provider members data in flat file format that need to be imported in database so that provided members screening can be scheduled with MA (Medical Assistant) and NP (Nurse Practitioner). - After screening coder [...]

Healthcare Insurance screening 

OWD Certification Management System

It is a mobile app developed to automate the Training certificates for the students with the purpose of ‘go green’ by providing all the training material and guidance online, which saves millions of papers. The different interfaces in the platform are admin, trainers, or Institutes, and Students. The admin, trainers, or Institutes will add the courses and the session, whereas students have to apply [...]

OWD Certification Management System

Sexual Health Monitoring App

This application allows user to get their STD (sexually transmitted disease) status along with their partners online without going through a doctor. One can directly see the results   on the devices and take desired actions. The bigger goal is to prevent the person from the stigma associated and reduce the disease spread through effective monitoring and interventions. 

Sexual Health Monitoring App

Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive Equipment is an US-based online retailer specializing in unique adaptive equipment to help children’s and Adults ease their lives. Adaptive Equipment sells branded products and adaptive equipment under one roof. There are various type of products such as standers, walking products, strollers and transporting, car seats, bathing and toileting equipment, adaptive bikes, etc.

Adaptive Equipment


A modern and intuitive skill-oriented platform developed for corporate offering training management. The goal of this platform is to offer companies the opportunity to create, animate and manage all their training actions from one place initially targeting banking and insurance, then to be followed by industrial. One of the important part of this creating skill tree which makes this platform [...]


MIPS Preaudit Measure Platform

The system has been developed for a registry clearinghouse to collect clinical data from MIPS eligible clinicians (both individuals and groups) and submits it to CMS on their behalf for purposes of MIPS. Then pre-audits submitted data during the performance year and provides reports and notifications pro-actively to improve the MIPS score community. This application after collecting QRDA data (after [...]

MIPS Preaudit Measure Platform
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