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Mindful Meditation: A Journey from Movement to Stillness

You can’t see or feel stress, but your mind and body have the effect. Stress raises your blood pressure and quickens your heart rate and breathing in the short term. Although the roots of stress may not be eradicated, its effects on your body can be minimized. Meditation, a program in which you turn your attention to induce deep relaxation is one of the easiest and most feasible stress relief techniques.

To increase calmness and physical relaxation, improve mental balance, cope with the disease, and improve overall health and wellbeing meditation is long been used. A number of studies have been carried out to see how meditation can be useful for a number of conditions, including high blood pressure, certain psychological disorders, and pain. Several studies have also helped researchers learn how and how meditation works.

Mindful Meditation is a practice of mental training which teaches you to slow down thinking, release negativity and quiet your mind and body. It combines meditation with the practice of consciousness, which can be defined as the mental state that involves focusing completely on “the present,” so that your thoughts, feelings, and sensations can be recognized and accepted without judgment.

smartData focuses on workplace spirituality by catalyzing a culture of inner well-being of smarTians by providing a stimulating, peaceful yet intimidating path that enlighten their personal & professional life . Our leadership group always followed this search for inner peace and harmony and successfully completed the learning of new strategies and methodologies of mindful meditation. Our CEO Mr. Ajay Tewari has imparted the knowledge of mindful meditations to a group of smarTians. Every year Inner Development Programs (IDPS) organized for the mental and physical well-being of the smarTians. Various yoga sessions along with guided meditation sessions conducted in the IDPs to take out the deep stress from the mind of the smarTians.

Numerous motivational sessions, guided meditation and yoga programs, as well as HR counseling sessions, were held at smartData Enterprises to help smarTians cope with the physical and mental fatigue caused by the pandemic.

Encouraging employees to take care of their mental health and schedule gentle reminders to do it together as a team once a day as a chance for a mental break. Many smarTians are volunteering their time and efforts to learn and teach mindful meditation to their families, friends, and colleagues. With the positive mindset and guidance from our leadership, smarTians are creating an impact on the lives of other people too.

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