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Are mindfulness apps the same as meditation apps?

We would say, yes they are because they include similar techniques to create a journey and self-discovery to improve life quality.

There is no single best app for everyone, rather, users’ every day’s follow-up with the app is in the that matters in order to improve their mental well-being.

Mindfulness is only one aspect of meditation in which an individual becomes aware of his presence, aware of what he is doing, without getting over reactive of the things happening in the surroundings. For instance, not rushing every time to pick up a phone and taking a normal amount of time to answer it. Similar case you can think for various day to day activities too.

Mindfulness training usually means spending a lot of time in silence, often closing your eyes to learn to notice what’s happening around you. These are a set of evidence-based techniques designed to improve the mental health although the user must follow the provided customized daily plan by the app.

Benefits of such platforms include:

  • Reduces gloomy compassionate habits
  • Reduces emotional response and increases relationship satisfaction
  • Reduces risk of stress and anxiety attacks
  • Improves working memory and clarity of mind

Therefore, when the user starts to engage with such platform, a great chance of improved life satisfaction and happiness will be there.

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